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Quality, Affordable Dental Care for Periodontal Disease

By Susan Braden

Tools For Quality, Affordable Dental Care For Periodontal Disease

Thousands of people all over America suffer from various forms of periodontal disease. Though this disease does not go away, its effects can be halted through regular periodontal maintenance.

The Need for Maintenance

Though there are a few different treatments which can be performed for those who need this maintenance, it is most important to have the treatments performed on a regular basis. Many dentists will recommend a scaling and root planing at least every six months for patients with this disease, while prescribing them regular maintenance every three months. However, because of the cost involved and the lack of affordable dental care, many people are choosing not to follow their routine maintenance schedule, even to the detriment of their own teeth.

What If the Treatments Are Not Maintained?

Although the treatments are expensive and affordable options are scarce, a mouth left untreated will be much worse off in the long run. If left untreated, the disease will spread from one area of the gums to the entire mouth. The disease will cause both your gums and the bones of your jaw to deteriorate to the point that your teeth will fall out.

Why People Do Not Receive Regular Treatments

The number one reason people are not getting their regular maintenance performed is the high costs involved. Periodontal work, whether performed by a general dentist or a periodontist, is quite expensive for those with this disease. The frequency of necessary periodontal maintenance (performed every three months) along with a lack of affordable care, can make routine maintenance out of reach for many Americans. However, help may be on the way. There are some lower cost options becoming available to patients, and a movement is rising among dentists to offer more affordable dental care to those who do not have insurance.

A New Movement Among Dentists

Contrary to popular belief, dentists do want to see their patients get better over time. When a patient has to skip regular cleanings and treatments due to a lack of affordable dental care, the dentists know that it negates the good work they have been performing. For a patient with this disease, sporadic work is not adequate to keep the disease from spreading. This means a patient’s mouth will be deteriorating when he or she is not getting regular treatments.

There is a rising movement among dentists to work out cheaper options for people who have periodontal disease but do not have any kind of insurance plan to help with the costs. Many dentists would rather cut their costs and have the patients come in for their regular maintenance than have their patients miss half the check-ups due to a lack of funds. Consequently, many dentists are now offering more cash discounts, offering more flexible payment options, and are participating with discount plans in order to offer low cost services to the public.

Options to Get Help

Learn about Affordable Dental Plans

Thousands of Americans suffer from periodontal disease, but with regular maintenance, this disease can be regulated. However, due to the lack of affordable dental care available, the treatments can be very costly. Many dentists are now offering cheaper services to patients with periodontal disease. This movement may afford many more patients the opportunity to retain their natural smiles longer in life.

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