Cheap Dental Care for Alabama

As the Alabama population ages, its state of dental health continues to decline. However, cheaper dental options could one day reduce the percentage of people losing their teeth in the state of Alabama.

The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation reports that 64.9% of adults in the state visited a dentist or dental clinic in 2008, 6.4% below the national average of 71.3%! Still, the number of adults going to the dentist in Alabama has the potential to increase due to the availability of cheap dentistry work.

In Alabama, 63.2% of adults had their teeth cleaned in 2008, which is 5.2% below the national average of 68.4%. This statistic too could change if all the cheap dentistry options available were made known to the Alabama population!

In addition, 26.0% of Alabama adults age 65 or older have had all of their natural teeth extracted, possibly in an attempt to save money. The national average of those who have had all their teeth extracted is 18.5 percent, 7.5% below Alabama’s average! There is such a large number of Alabama people who have had all their natural teeth extracted by age 65! These extractions could cost a fortune without cheap discount dental plans that give cheap rates. As the Alabama population ages, is cheap dental widely available for all of them?

Still, Alabamans may be improving their dental health somewhat by maintaining the fluoridation of public water. The National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion says that 82.9% of the Alabama population with access to public water systems is receiving fluoridated water — a step forward in dental health and a cheap alternative toward combating dental problems in Alabama. Though fluoridation does not affect the appearance, taste, or smell of drinking water, it helps prevent cavities when added in controlled amounts to a public water system. Fluoride works on the tooth surface and with the saliva to control tooth decay. The proportion of fluoride in the water can be excessive, but studies show that at most fluoride only slightly alters the appearance of developing teeth. Fluoride’s benefits for Alabama outweigh any risks — the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention even lists fluoridation as one of the 10 great public health achievements of the 20th century.

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Regardless, many troubling questions remain for Alabama: is the rate of tooth decay in Alabaman adults age 65 or older a chronic problem for the state? Are Alabama seniors worried about this? Are younger Alabama adults taking care of themselves now and searching for cheap, inexpensive dental plans in advance, to prevent themselves from becoming part of this alarming statistic in years to come? Is Alabama training its children to take care of their teeth and teaching them good oral hygiene habits early to prevent oral health problems later on? Cheap dental work could be the answer to these problems — cheap dental plans are easy to find through a simple Google search.

One thing is for sure — residents from Alabama’s rural and urban areas should have the opportunity to learn more about cheap dental plans and oral health care, and be given the tools to make good dental health decisions for themselves before it is too late.

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