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May 20 / Hannah

Top 10 Dentists in Social Media


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So you know how to drill a maxillary central incisor in 2 minutes flat and you can wield a double-end explorer with finesse, but can you Tweet the latest dental news or pore through Facebook page analytics without missing a beat? These dentists can.

In addition to serving patients all day (and, in many cases, running a business), some dentists take their expertise even farther and share it with the world through the Internet. It might be helpful dental information, or it might even be political commentary, but these dentists know what it means to really connect with people outside the office. Find out why we chose these well-connected dentists to make the Top 10 list.

1. Dr. Jacob Lipscomb. Dr. Lipscomb is a general dentist serving in Richmond and Fredericksburg, Virginia. Not only is he actively on both Facebook and Twitter, his Social Media for Dentists website is well put together, informative and easy to navigate. He even has a blog dedicated to helping other dentists get involved in social media. We chose Dr. Lipscomb because his social media blog is very helpful and frequently updated, as are his Twitter and Facebook accounts.

2. Dr. Thomas P. Connelly. Dr. Connelly blogs often through the Huffington Post about common dental procedures and problems. He is also an active Twitter user. We chose Dr. Connelly because he posts often about common dental questions many people may have. And how could he not know their questions, when he sometimes receives more than 100 comments on his blog posts? People are certainly interacting with him, and more than 11,000 Twitter followers is nothing to sneeze at.

3. Dr. Gregory Cole. Dr. Cole is a California-based dentist and blogger who consistently updates his Flap’s Dentistry Blog with all the latest news in the dental industry and other current events in health. He is actively a part of the Twitter and Facebook community, where he discusses anything from his penchant for marathons to the latest political issues. We chose this blog because he posts almost daily and updates his Twitter frequently for more than 34,000 followers. His posts are very informative and thorough.

4. Dr. Lorne Lavine. Dr. Lavine is a dentist in California and founder of Dental Technology Consultants. He runs the Digital Dentist Blog, a blog filled with helpful information on dental technology. Dr. Lavine is also actively a part of Twitter and Facebook. We chose him because he does a great job keeping his readers updated with consistent blog posts, tweets and Facebook updates.

5. “Dr. Practice.” The Dr. Practice blog serves to provide helpful information and news about the dental industry. The DentalEZ Group has a Facebook and Twitter page as well as a YouTube channel where they post videos to further inform people about dental procedures and issues. Dr. Practice keeps its readers involved with polls and email newsletters. We chose this blog because the informative posts are updated often, and they cover topics and events that are relevant and timely for dental professionals. The added element of using YouTube is also a creative way to get more people interested in what you have to say.

6. Richard Chwalek. Dick Chwalek isn’t a dentist, but we included him in the list because he works directly with dentists through his dental blog, Niche Dental Marketing. Niche Dental has a YouTube channel where they post dental marketing and other dentist videos. He also posts on Facebook and Twitter for Niche Dental. We chose Chwalek because of his frequent and interesting posts, including videos from his YouTube page discussing more of the latest dental news.

7. Dr. Tejas Patel. Dr. Patel blogs for Austin Cosmetic and General Dentistry informing readers all about the latest in dentistry. Dr. Patel is actively involved with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and he’s even donating money to a local charity for every person who “likes” his Facebook page. He We chose Dr. Patel’s blog because he does a great job of connecting with his readers and followers through social networking, and because he runs a consistent and informative blog that goes beyond the typical “dental practice blog.”

8. Dr. Larry Emmott. Dr. Emmott has a lot of experience in general dentistry, and now he speaks around the country as a dental high tech authority. His blog, Emmott on Technology, focuses on a broad scope of technological news, especially that with a dental slant. He posts several times a day, and he also connects with people through Facebook, Twitter and his own personal web page. We chose Dr. Emmott because he really connects with people through his easygoing blog posts about topics that would interest everyone, not just dentists, and for his Facebook and Twitter presence.

9. Dr. John Flucke. Dr. Flucke is active in the Twitter community and also runs a Dental Technology Blog discussing all things technology, including dental technology. We chose him because he remains active on Twitter and Blogger, keeping all his followers up-to-date with the latest in technology of all types and actively responding to inquiries on Twitter and elsewhere.

10. Dr. Chetan Bhawani. Dr. Bhawani runs a Dental Advice blog informing people about the causes and treatments of different dental problems and other news in dentistry. Dr. Chetan is also on Facebook, providing answers to people’s questions, and has an email newsletter through which he sends dental updates and tips. We chose him because his posts are thorough and relevant to everyone, and he posts often on Facebook.

Whether you’re in the dental field or not, go check out these dynamic professionals and see for yourself why they’re the Top 10 Dentists in Social Media. Did we miss anyone whom you think should be included? Nominate them in the comments section for an honorable mention!

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  1. Swathi / Sep 24 2014


    really informative post, I will follow their blogs for sure.

    I had a question here . Before 10 years I had undergone rootcanal treatment & I had skipped the last step ie; Applying cap.

    now i feel the cement is coming off. Do I need to undergo RC again?

    • Natasha Gayle / Sep 24 2014

      Thank you for reading and reaching out to us with this question! I would recommend making an appointment with your dentist, or a new dentist if you are currently without one, and ask him for his thoughts on the state of your tooth and what is needed. Your dentist will have a better idea of what’s necessary after taking a look at your tooth.

  2. clinics in jumeirah / Jul 22 2014

    Thank you for this comprehensive list. Its good to see dentists are on social media, It’s important especially if you are looking for Dentists in countries like Dubai.

    • Natasha Gayle / Jul 23 2014

      Yes, social media can be very effective in getting to know your patients, and potential patients. It’s something we’re seeing more and more dentists do now.

  3. Christine Bravo / Jun 25 2014

    Nice lists. Its a good thing to know that we have the best dentist in town. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. bc dentist news / Mar 17 2014

    this is a awesome list of dentists . thanks for sharing

  5. Adora / Feb 11 2014

    You have forgot some imp name like
    Dr. Biju Thomas, BDS, FFDRCS (Ireland), FICOI (USA)
    D.H.A. Certified Specialist Implantologist and GP
    M.O.H Certified Consultant Maxillofacial Surgeon – Grade A

  6. sherman oaks dentist / Jul 26 2013

    No question – social media can help attract clients to one’s business website and business. Good for pointing this out.

    We have had good results with posting our New Patient Special, and also allow visitors to our Facebook page to submit appointment requests.

  7. Mike Mew / Jul 4 2013


    When are you reviewing your list? Please remember to include our facebook pages;
    Thank you very much for considering us, these pages are going from strength to strength,


    • Kayla / Jul 10 2013

      Hi Mike, we update our list every year. We will be sure to consider you for our 2014 list!

  8. Mike / Jun 26 2013

    What about me on that list? ;)

    You’ve got my good friend Richard on there.


  9. bergen county nj dentist / Jun 13 2013

    Good of you to spotlight the importance of social media for practice promotion.
    We’re using our Facebook account: for this purpose – highlighting our office’s promotional activities – with good results. Thanks.

  10. Tamara / Feb 21 2013

    I need to help my dentist get more active in social media. I am helping him with his website, but I can see social media is a great way to gain new customers!

    • Kayla / Feb 22 2013

      Thanks for reading, Tamara! Social media IS a great way to interact with customers and potentially earn more!

    • Assure A Smile / Mar 27 2013

      Tamara, do you currently use a website analytics program? Showing referral traffic from social media websites, along with goal completions (like the submission of an appointment request), are very strong ways to show the value of social media. Good luck!

  11. Susan / Feb 20 2013

    This is the good service because dentist can solve the problem of patient online and fixed the meeting.

    • Kayla / Feb 20 2013

      Thanks for reading, Susan!

  12. Sarah Stergaard / Feb 11 2013

    Your blogs are totally worth giving time and energy.

    • Kayla / Feb 11 2013

      Thanks for reading, Sarah!

  13. Mike Mew / Jan 22 2013


    Just came across your site trying to see how other FB sites compare to ours. We are not yet doing much in social media apart from a group of FB sites although it is in the pipeline. We are trying to get a treatment concept out rather than a single practice or group. The page is and although we have not as yet collected a huge following it is growing by the day and we usually have a very high level of people taking about us. In fact I have not found a site talked about more, if you know of one I would like to hear about it.
    And thank you for your site it is nice to see someone paying an interested in such things- we feel that FB will continue to grow, it is where people have to talk the truth (at least a bit).

    Best wishes,


    • Kayla / Jan 23 2013

      Thanks for sharing your site, Mike! Keep working on the social media and we’ll be sure to consider you for next year! :)

  14. Ryan S / Jan 4 2013

    How about the ModernPractice blog?

    It gets updated pretty frequently with current events that affect my practice.

    • Libby / Jan 4 2013

      Thanks for the recommendation, Ryan! We will check them out!

  15. Ioannis / Dec 25 2012

    What a list! Top 10 ‘dental’ blogs? Very glad as a dentist myself to hear it.

    • Kayla / Dec 27 2012

      Be sure to check out our 2013 list that will be released at the beginning of the year!

  16. Studiocity dental / Oct 30 2012

    Very informative blog… Thanks for sharing.

    • Libby / Oct 31 2012

      Thank you for stopping by!

  17. Kathy / Sep 25 2012

    Missed one! Dr. Alan Mead has a GREAT blog. His blog should be in the top 3.

    • Libby / Sep 25 2012

      Thanks, Kathy! We’ll be sure to keep in mind for the next update! ;)

  18. find a dentist / Aug 29 2012

    awesome blog, thank you and keep it up!

  19. dental services / Aug 24 2012

    Thank you for taking the time and spreading this information with all of us. It was really very helpful and informative while being straight forward and to the point.

  20. Dr. Edward Logan / Aug 22 2012

    I like to keep up with how other dentists are participating in social media. Thanks for compiling this helpful list.

    • Libby / Aug 22 2012

      Glad you’ve found it useful! Be sure to watch for next year’s list, too!

  21. find dentist / Aug 21 2012

    This blog is really helpful to get information of 10 topmost dentist at a time which is great for all of us.

    • Libby / Aug 21 2012

      We’re glad you found it helpful!

  22. Loose dentures ashburn / Aug 8 2012

    I would like to thank you for providing this list of dental doctors it is very helpful… And it is quite good to see that a couple of doctors are Indian…

    • Libby / Aug 8 2012

      Thanks for stopping by!

  23. buy a dental practice / Aug 7 2012

    It is all about blogging/social media nowadays so its great to see a list like this in the dental world. I think it is important that more dentists post blogs and do so on a regular basis.

    • Libby / Aug 7 2012

      We agree! That’s why we will continue to update our list and honor those making efforts to “keep in touch.”

  24. Becky / Jul 26 2012

    I will visit again this blog to see more lists!

  25. Crown And Bridge / Jul 25 2012

    Nice to see the couple of Indian dental doctors in the top dental doctor list, it is great idea to help or recommend the remedies to the dental patients.

  26. kidsmissouri / Jul 25 2012

    Thanks for sharing such a great post and for listing top 10 dentist

  27. Very helpful to see these actual working examples — social media is how more and more people are connecting, not just with friends, but with those they choose to have a professional relationship with. We posted a link on our Facebook page to help spread the word!

  28. Gary Takacs is another blogger who should be considered for this list. Although he’s not a dentist, Gary does own a dental practice in partnership with Dr. Paul Nielson. He’s emerged as one of the most interesting voices on topic of the business of dentistry. His blog and Thriving Dentist Show podcast are well worth your time.

  29. dentist delray beach / Jan 30 2012

    Thank you for putting this list together, some very good blogs in the dental field!

  30. dentists in burbank / Jan 27 2012

    Good list. Was also a good read!

  31. Dentists in armadale / Dec 5 2011

    Thank you for the list, very helpful!

  32. dentist rocklin / Dec 1 2011

    This is a nice post. I love your list of top ten dentists. I will visit again this blog to see more of your top lists of dentists.

  33. Dr PAULEY / Nov 16 2011

    You put together an interesting list, but it appears to be California heavy. We are very near the microsoft campus and I know we have some good social media savvy dentists in this area. We are pretty active on social media, but it can really eat up your time. We try to answer any comments from patients and post our blog articles on Twitter, Face Book, Digg, Delicious, and Stumbleupon. Getting our dentistry articles written for the blog is the hardest part along with trying to evaluate every thing that is new both in dentistry and social media. I would agree with your number 1 choice of Dr Lipscomb–he has a very good blog.

  34. Dr. Todd Welch / Jun 21 2011

    How about Dr. Todd Welch. Check his blog out at

    • delray dentist / Jun 22 2014

      Thank you for putting this together. Great list!!

      • Natasha Gayle / Jun 23 2014

        Of course! We’re glad it was helpful to you!

  35. Joy / Jun 9 2011

    Since dental health is so critical to our overall health, it makes sense these dentists are accessing social media. It’s one of the fastest growing markets out there. I appreciate the list. It’s helpful having good referrals.

  36. Like the site, blog and post, keep up the good work. We’re not so hot on the social media! However we do have a great blog, enjoy…

  37. dentistfinder / May 28 2011

    Social media has really played a big part in connecting people and dentists all over the world and it helped increase people’s awareness on the latest dental news.

    Thanks to all hardworking dentists in the world!

  38. Emily / May 26 2011

    This is a great list! I never even thought about dentists using social media, but it makes so much sense. Nice to be able to connect with good, professional information about dental care. We’ve totally benefited from good online dental information recently because of a tooth issue we’ve been dealing with with our preschool age son. Thanks for sharing!

  39. Jason Lipscomb / May 24 2011

    Wow. Thank you so much for making us #1. What a great honor. There are so many great names on this list! I hope that social media will make dentistry better and increase patient doctor communication. It will also be a wonderful way for dentists to show off their expertise and their involvement in the community. Thanks again for the mention on your great blog!

  40. Andrea / May 20 2011

    This is really great!! I’m glad there are dentists in the online community wanting to help others!

  41. DVickers / May 20 2011

    I have been on Dr. Flucke’s site before, very sharp fellow – great analysis of current technology on his blog.

  42. Cindi / May 20 2011

    This is the first I’ve heard of Dentists & Doctors posting on Twitter & Facebook about tips. What a great idea that is. There are so many of us that just want to know the best ways to stay healthy & keep our teeth as clean as possible. For these dentists to take their time to help people by answering their questions and even keeping a blog, that’s wonderful! A special thank you to all of you who have decided to help people out in that way!

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