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Jul 12 / Libby

Bye Bye Bacteria: Has a Cure for Tooth Decay Been Found?


bacteria leads to tooth decayTooth decay is caused by bacteria in the mouth, and can lead to painful toothaches and infections. However, the problem of dental decay may be becoming a thing of the past with the discovery of a new molecule that kills decay-causing bacteria.

Researchers have named the new molecule Keep 32, which works by killing Streptococcus Mutans- the bacteria that causes tooth decay and cavities. The addition of the molecule to toothpastes and mouthwashes will kill harmful bacteria in the mouth after 60 seconds, saving the mouth’s 32 teeth from destruction.

However, this is still a very new discovery. Before believing the end has come for cavities and root canals, it’s important to remember that tooth decay is a prevalent problem among Americans. The Centers for Disease Control states that in children and adolescents alone, over half have suffered dental decay. In 2010, Healthy People published a report exposing 85 percent of the American adult population as having been effected by tooth decay, with 30 percent of those leaving the problem untreated.

How Can I Prevent Tooth Decay?

The seriousness of the issue is that dental decay contributes to cavities, infections and tooth abscess, which lead to excess dental appointments, tooth extractions and root canals. Here’s the kicker: dental decay is 100 percent preventable, without a bacteria-killing molecule added to toothpaste.

To prevent tooth decay, avoid consuming sugary or acidic foods like soda, gummy candies or lemons and limes. Sugars attach to existing bacteria in the mouth and accelerate the decaying process. Similarly, excessive acid wears away the tooth enamel when saliva cannot neutralize it fast enough. It’s important to maintain regular cleanings with a dentist, brush and floss at least twice a day.

If teeth are already affected by decay or cavities, don’t hold-out for Keep 32 to cure the problem- seek proper care from a dentist. If having no insurance is holding you back, an affordable dental plan may be the best solution to care for teeth right away.


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  1. kay simon / Jul 10 2013

    This is one of the best tips that I have received from your always-welcome monthly newsletter.

    Thanks so much for a wonderful and helpful answer to a very common and upsetting problem !!!!!!!

  2. Dentiste le Havre / Jul 21 2012

    Good post, like the way you wrote it ;)

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    That is an amazing discovery!

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