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Jul 31 / Libby

See Savings with Discount Drug Cards from MedImpact


Discount drug cards save on prescriptionsThe Debate

The cost of prescription medications can be daunting for the uninsured, which is why discount drug cards are a popular, though underutilized, way to save money on prescriptions. There are a variety of programs to choose from, each ranging in both price and the discounts available. However, a recent survey of common discount drugs cards unveiled frustrations over the lack of price transparency typically offered by such programs.

Most programs offer only an estimate of the discount offered for a prescription, however exact out-of-pocket expense is rarely disclosed. Fortunately, this is not so with the MedImpact discount program.

Why MedImpact

MedImpact is one of the few discount drug programs that allows you to calculate the cost of your prescriptions before you have them filled. With the unique price checker, patients can search for a specific prescription drug and pharmacy name to compare prices. This notifies members of the best bargains from home and illustrates the difference when switching to generic brands, comparing similar drugs or ordering them by mail, which can be a big advantage for those with regular prescriptions. MedImpact provides discounts on prescriptions at over 58,000 participating pharmacies nationwide including CVS, Walgreens, Walmart and Target.

The MedImpact card guarantees average savings of 15-60 percent on generic prescription drugs and 15-25 percent on brand name drugs. There is no guessing just how much will be saved because the comparison of costs with the Rx Price Checker can be done before going to the pharmacy.

MedImpact also allows patients to receive discounts on over-the-counter medication with a written prescription from a doctor.

How Can I Sign Up?

MedImpact can be added to any dental plan from for only $10.80/year (or $1/month). This one-time price includes everyone enrolled in the 1Dental discount dental plan, even the whole family.

Once the permanent plan cards arrive in the mail, the MedImpact member card can be presented at a participating pharmacy and the discounted prices on both brand-name and generic medications will be given automatically. Using the MedImpact plan on just one prescription a year could save more than what the plan costs!

If you already have a prescription discount plan or insurance, it may be a good idea to add MedImpact in order to compare the savings between the two. At such an affordable cost, you can feel confident that using MedImpact will save you more and ensure that you receive your money back in savings.

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