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  • If I didn’t have the Careington plan I would have had to pay $2,000 to get my wisdom teeth out! With the Careington 500 Series plan it only cost me $400.

    Illinois Aaron L., Illinois
  • I am a cancer survivor, and while undergoing extensive chemotherapy and radiation my teeth weakened and were starting to deteriorate. I went to one dentist and she wanted to charge me over $15,000 to repair my teeth, or almost $9,000 to pull the front 4 and get a partial plate. I found another dentist after enrolling with Careington, and I’m getting the $15,000-worth of repairson my teeth for just a little over $6,000… I would never have been able to get this done if I hadn’t found Careington.

    florida Carol M., Florida
  • After comparing it to all of the other plans, I found I could save the most with 1Dental. The plan was immediate and my dentist was a member… What was going to cost me $3,100 wound up being $1,680, nearly cutting my cost in half.

    Texas Charles F., Texas
  • I have saved thousands on my dental plan in 2011. This plan cut the costs of implants by hundreds of dollars each (2 currently underway) and reduced the costs of crowns from $900 to $440 each, and I need at least 4. The few dollars spent on this program was WELL worth it.

    Ohio Carrie P., Ohio
  • I saved at least $1,000 by using your dental plan. Thanks!

    Washington Amy K., Washington
  • I saved over $700 on a deep cleaning. I ended up only paying a total of $150. Thank you!

    Texas Anita C., Texas
  • I searched the internet, compared prices and found Careington to be the best plan and the least expensive. It only took me 1 minute to apply, and I was covered immediately. I found a dentist nearby, and they were sympathetic, professional and did a wonderful job taking care of me. I couldn’t believe how inexpensive this plan is.

    Pennsylvania Ann K., Pennsylvania
  • My experience with this plan was very rewarding in saving money and finding a dentist that I enjoyed. This plan saved me about $1,500.

    Florida Barry C., Florida
  • The Careington plan is pretty awesome and worth every penny. I saved 20% on the orthodontic work I needed, which ended up saving $1,400 in my pocket. It’s a great plan with tons of savings.

    florida Beshoy I., Florida
  • I saved big bucks through Careington. With my first wisdom teeth removal, I was clueless of the 1Dental plans and paid more than $800 on 2 wisdom teeth removals including anesthesia. CASH! Later on I found Careington through and signed up. I had my other 2 wisdom teeth pulled, plus another tooth, and only paid less than $300! If I would have known in the beginning, I could have saved myself a lot of money.

    New York Brenda P., New York
  • My routine dental work is cut by at least 50% every time.

    New Jersey Christina S., New Jersey
  • My wife and I were pleasantly surprised with the selection and low cost of the plan. We were very hesitant in today’s era of scams, however, and were scared to put our trust in an unknown. When we called the 1Dental help line, we were greeted with intelligent, caring individuals who put our minds at peace. I went to a dentist near my home who was professional and courteous. They took me the same day and accepted the plan.

    Texas Charles F., Texas
  • They told me I would need a root canal plus a crown. The savings on those 2 procedures was around $1,500!

    California Clinton C., California
  • I thought the worst was sitting through the pain of teeth pulling, but it wasn’t. The worst was when the dental office told me how much money I would need to have the surgery. Just when I had given up I was told about Careington. I gave them a call and to my surprise, they helped discount almost half off my dental bill.

    Pennsylvania Dave C., Pennsylvania
  • I was so relieved that my sudden dental need would only cost me roughly half of the cost than if I didn’t have the plan! My cost dropped immediately from over $1,500 to about $800. For me, that was very important, as these types of unexpected dental expenses can be overwhelming in today’s economy.

    Michigan Deanne U., Michigan
  • When I happened upon Careington, I was a little skeptical, because I’d heard about reduced-pay plans that did not offer great savings and were not worth the cost. On the contrary, I have saved $30 per dental visit for cleaning and checkups and am about to go ahead with a crown that is about $400 less with Careington than my dentist’s regular charge. I am very happy with Careington and really appreciate the efforts that went into getting this plan together.

    Maryland Debbie E., Maryland
  • I needed a new top denture and my bottom teeth removed. My Careington plan saved me $1,037.96. Thank you Careington!

    Ohio Denise H., Ohio
  • I purchased the Careington 500 plan, anxious to save money on my next dental checkup. But then, the very day I received my membership card in the mail, I broke my eyeglasses. I called my regular eye doctor and found out that they accepted the EyeMed plan that comes with the Careington 500 plan… I saved over $200 on stylish new eyeglasses with a new prescription. The plan has already more than paid for itself, and now I’m heading for the dentist to save even more money!

    Oklahoma Diane B., Oklahoma
  • Thanks to Careington/1Dental, our family found a great dentist in our area who is professional, trustworthy and provides all the services we need… As an owner of a small business, the dental insurance options were very expensive and provided very little coverage over the premium price. Because of this plan, the root canal and tooth reconstruction I required was half the price of what is listed as customary for my area.

    illinois Donna K., Illinois
  • My daughter and I have been alone all her life. One thing that went by the wayside for many years was dental care. When I learned about Careington Care 500 I joined right away! It was easy to afford this plan… I only wish I knew about it sooner!

    Illinois Ellen C., Illinois
  • I needed to have a root canal and 2 fillings… My total bill using the plan was $513! To be honest I thought this was expensive until I asked about the price without the plan. The root canal alone would have been $1,250, let alone the 2 fillings! Without the plan, needless to say, the bill would have been at least 3 times the amount that I paid.

    Maryland Gail B., Maryland
  • I had my cleaning, X-rays and exam as scheduled and went ahead and had a couple of very old fillings fixed during the same visit. I was worried when I went to pay, only to find 1Dental had saved me hundreds of dollars for this one visit… The cost is extremely low, and I can get my teeth cleaned and maintained as often as I want without worrying about the restrictions imposed by my normal plan.

    Texas Gary M., Texas
  • I have used my Careington 500 plan a couple of times. I needed a lot of work, and it has saved me a lot of money. It saved me almost half on crowns.

    illinois Gary P., Illinois
  • I purchased the Careington dental plan and 2 days later went to a dental participant. I got a quote for having all my teeth extracted and a full set of dentures, and I saved over $2,000. That is quite a savings for the small investment with Carington Dental!

    Michigan George P., Michigan
  • I couldn’t believe it when they said it would cost $75 to extract the tooth as a Careington plan member versus $191 if not a member… I now will be going to the dentist on a regular basis, especially since the cleaning is only $36 with my 1Dental plan instead of close to $100.

    Washington Georgia P., Washington
  • I called Careington and applied right away when they told me it was only going to be $7/ month. About 20 minutes later I received an email that said I can use it right away. If I didn’t have this plan I would have been spending over $1,500 on dental bills, but I only paid $356.

    Virginia Hoa N., Virginia
  • I purchased a 1-year Careington 500 plan for $150, and it subsequently reduced my dental surgery cost to $900 out of the door, for all the cost of the dental surgeon and antibiotics and whatever. I saved $1,300, which is a huge amount.

    California Jagat S., California
  • My Careington Care 500 Series dental plan has helped me out so much. It has given me access to a great dental group that is professional, patient-oriented, and whom I trust. I have a fairly extensive treatment plan, and I would not be able to afford it without my discount plan. I have recommended it to many people who do not have dental insurance through their employers or otherwise.

    Virginia Jennie W., Virginia
  • I had a lot of work done. I had a price list from another dentist, and with Careington I saved over $1,789 in the work that I had done. I love it—I wish I knew about it before some of the other work I had done. I have told all my family and friends about this program.

    Nevada Karen S., Nevada
  • My current dental plan did not cover root canals or crowns, so I called Careington Care 500 and got the coverage that I needed instantly. The representative that I talked to was knowledgeable, friendly and patient with me. He thoroughly answered all my questions and even helped me find a dentist in my area. I do not know what I would have done without the Careington Care 500.

    Tennessee Kathryn G., Tennessee
  • On Christmas Eve day a piece of my lower right second bicuspid broke off while chewing… I surfed the internet and chose Careington; I signed up and paid online for the Careington 500 dental plan… The proposed treatment plan totaled $966.25. The actual treatment plan totaled $850, and I only paid $681. I am very thankful to Careington and the dentist and staff for all their VIP assistance during this dental emergency.

    Florida Kay J., Florida
  • My husband Eric and I have Careington coverage, and it has really paid off for us. I got a bad infection that spread to 2 teeth and was starting to become life-threatening by spreading close to my brain. I went to a dentist, and he treated the infection and did 2 root canals and 2 crowns right away. They saved me thousands of dollars, more than half the cost of my treatment. Then I found out I had to have another crown and they saved me on that one as well, and on my cleaning and exam.

    Tennessee Kelly R., Tennessee
  • I had a tooth break and had to go get it fixed immediately. I knew if I didn’t have insurance the dentist was going to clean me out, so I signed up with, and just on the first bill it saved me almost half of what it would have been if I had not had your dental plan.

    Missouri Kevin T., Missouri
  • I was surprised to find that indeed we would save $400 - $800 per crown with the Careington plan. I was also shocked to see that our entire family, all 10 of us, would be covered for a year for around $200. I signed up for the Careington plan and have had no regrets.

    Indiana Kim B., Indiana
  • I saved roughly $150 when I went in to get a filling replaced. I also was able to save on the X-ray. Last winter, Oklahoma experienced a cold front, and I managed to crack a tooth that had 2 fillings in it due to exposure to cold weather. I was able to get this addressed with a new filling and saved another $150… All in all, this looked like the most economical plan…

    Oklahoma Kollin J., Oklahoma
  • I saw a dentist for a cleaning, found out I need major work, and the estimate totaled $4,000 or more. I called 1Dental and the rep was EXTREMELY helpful. I walked out of the office with the cost of less than $275 (pulling the LARGE tooth and cavity).

    Oregon Lan L., Oregon
  • I had no dental insurance and I had cracked a tooth so bad, to fix it I would have needed a root canal… in 30 minutes I was able to sign up and actually get an appointment. You’re affordable, and your customer service was great!

    Massachusetts Lauren S., Massachusetts
  • Until this year, I have had all of my dental and periodontal services met by Mexican doctors. I was hesitant to see a dentist in the States—quite frankly, I was afraid of the cost. I was amazed and delighted to learn that the 1Dental plan affords me the same sort of savings that I had come to expect to pay in Mexico. I wholeheartedly recommend the wonderful cost savings associated with the 1Dental plan.

    California Linda C., California
  • We went in for checkups after joining the plan. We had a few dental problems, but everything looked good and the cost was minimal. The great thing about the plan is that I know if we do have any dental problems, with the plan we will be able to afford to have it taken care of.

    Arizona Lincoln R., Arizona
  • The Careington plan has helped me like NO OTHER… If it wasn’t for the Careington plan I would have lost this tooth. I have many more procedures to go and thankfully at a discounted price.

    florida Lissa W., Florida
  • Careington’s Care 500 Series from slashed more than 50% of my dental cost. Instead of paying over $6,100 for my dental treatment, I ended up paying only $2,500 for my complete dental care. The dentist I chose showed professional interest in my needs, and he and his staff continue to demonstrate interest in my comfort and dental care.

    Texas Lloyd H., Texas
  • I am disabled and have been without insurance or dental care for more than 4 years. I was very happy to find Careington… The plan has saved me over $2,000 so far, and we have saved 2 teeth.

    Michigan Lori G., Michigan
  • For the very first time I am extremely pleased with a health provider. For 10+ years I have been fighting with insurance companies to get coverage, and for one reason or another I have repeatedly been turned down. When I called Careington/1Dental and they accepted me on the spot, I almost dropped the phone. I actually asked the person on the other end of the telephone what the catch was, because even the price was so low! Now, I am on to the dentist without fear of it breaking the bank.

    Pennsylvania Lynn M., Pennsylvania
  • I was so relieved when I heard about it. I called and signed up, and it wasn’t a long process - I used it the same day… Without this company I still would have been in miserable in pain, but I got my problem fixed and sleep well at night.

    Texas Marlene F., Texas
  • I found a dentist and made an appointment (I was unsure if the dental plan would even work, thank God it did). He fixed my tooth, and my smile and confidence were back… Most of all, I paid only half of the complete cost, GREAT!

    Pennsylvania Marvin R., Pennsylvania
  • I was born at 2 1/2 pounds, a preemie, and had crooked teeth my whole life. I had some work done through the years, and the teeth that have been worked on started falling out because of my gum disease… I went online to look for dental insurance. I found Careington, which seems to be pretty good. It nearly cut half of the expenses out. The dentist started treating me, extracting my teeth. I now have a full set of dentures, a brand new smile.

    Florida Mary H., Florida
  • After comparing the prices on the dentist’s proposed plan (which just for me was over $2,500 for 2 crowns to be redone after many years of service) and Careington’s prices, we decided to try your plan. This helped us save almost $1,200 on the dentist’s original proposed prices.

    Texas Mary V., Texas
  • The enrollment for Careington was short and simple and inexpensive. My wisdom tooth is gone and I have no more pain. Everything went so smoothly with this plan…

    Texas MeiChelle W., Texas
  • I do appreciate the discount I received on the cost of the dental care, but more than that was the quality dentist I found through the Careington network which was very competitively priced already.

    Oklahoma Michael L., Oklahoma
  • I went to the dentist and found out (I pretty much already knew) that I had to have all 28 of my teeth extracted and have full dentures… It would cost me $5,932 to have it all done… The dental plan took $2,900 off the cost. That left me with $3,032. If I didn’t have I would have never fixed the problems.

    Indiana Michelle C., Indiana
  • I had severe tooth pain in my second left side molar… I asked my dentist which is the best dental plan, where I would save the most money. She said "Careington." I called them up immediately and purchased the Careington Care 500 Series. Both I and my family saved so much money making the switch!

    New Jersey Michelle M., New Jersey
  • A lot of ballet companies do not offer their dancers health insurance and definitely not dental or vision coverage… If it weren’t for companies like 1Dental, I wouldn’t be able to get my teeth cleaned and maintain healthy teeth and gums.

    Arizona Nadia A., Arizona
  • Total cost of the oral surgeon would be $1,600. Once I had that work done, my dentist estimated that to do the bridge work would cost me $3,750… I signed up for Careington, and started using it right away. I went to an oral surgeon (on Careington’s list), and he recommended that instead of removing the implant (being so close to the nerve), that he could just cut it. The consult was $73, and the procedure to cut it was $400. This was considerably less than what the other oral surgeon would have charged ($1,600). Once this work was done, I went back to the Careington dentist that would do the bridge work, and his total cost for the bridge work was $1,750 (my previous dentist was going to charge $3,750).

    Florida Nancy W., Florida
  • I always knew I had bad teeth that really needed attention. Dentists are just way too expensive! Finally I decided to do something about it. That’s when I found out about the Careington Care 500 Series plan. And it’s a good thing, because it turns out I had 18 cavities! I can’t imagine how much that would have cost me without a dental plan. It has saved me so much money… On top of it all I got new eyeglasses as well!

    Louisiana Nicholas H., Louisiana
  • I used 1Dental and saved over a thousand dollars. I never thought I would ever be able to afford dental work with the high prices, but 1Dental made it happen for me, and it has changed my life. I still have work to be done, but it won’t be without 1Dental.

    Oklahoma Noel F., Oklahoma
  • I was so happy to be able to get my Careington plan and use it the very next day! I saved on my cleaning, X-rays, oral surgery extraction, a filling and my bridge (that we are in the first step of completing). I know I have saved right around $2,100 on the regular retail charges of the bridge and filling.

    Kentucky Nova C., Kentucky
  • It had been 10 years since my last dental visit. I didn’t think I could afford it with my income. Thanks to Carington I am able to truly smile again.

    Minnesota Pam B., Minnesota
  • I have spent a lot of money on my dental work without insurance, so I decided to start searching for a plan that could cut my cost. Normally I spent over $100 for a normal checkup and cleaning, but last week it cost me $45 with the plan. I go every 6 months so already I am ahead of the game.

    Maryland Pat M., Maryland
  • I lost my insurance and needed 2 teeth extracted. It would have cost me $430 for 1 surgical removal and 1 simple extraction. I joined the Careington plan through and it brought the cost down to $181 - talk about a savings! That’s better coverage than when I was paying for insurance through my job, which was about $30 a month, and it would have still cost me $75 per tooth (simple extraction). Within 15-20 minutes I completed the enrollment and was given a temporary ID, which I was able to print out and use immediately. I used it the very next morning.

    Ohio Patrick P., Ohio
  • I had 5 teeth removed at an oral surgeon and saved almost half. They took off 45% and I saved $1,500.

    Florida Penny C., Florida
  • I had a terrible toothache for weeks and weeks and was suffering terribly. I have no health insurance, and my girlfriend found your website… I got the plan, went to the dentist the same day, and within hours had my tooth pulled.

    New York Philip F., New York
  • Careington offers discounts on almost all procedures, which was fantastic, and the discounts add up fast. The cost of the plan was very affordable.

    Arizona Rachel H., Arizona
  • By far in procedures covered, cost reduction on these procedures even up to 70%, and the vast array of dentists who work within this plan (over 300 dentists in my area), no one could come close to Careington 1Dental. Plus the cost was extremely low… I joined the plan in March 2011 and went to one of the providers where this dental plan is accepted. The total cost without Careington was near $4,000. With the plan, my out-of-pocket cost will be $1,475, an unbelievable savings of $2,500.

    Ohio Ralph J., Ohio
  • I discovered Careington and immediately invested in what seemed like a great dental plan. It proved to be true when after a routine exam my dentist told me I had 2 cavities. I was able to have them filled at a fraction of the price.

    Kentucky Rebekka V., Kentucky
  • The plan was easily understood, and the sign-up time took only a couple minutes. As a father of 2, thank you for saving me 2 teeth and a lot of money.

    Illinois Richard G., Illinois
  • I was able to use the plan right away, no long waiting period. The annual fee for the plan is reasonable and the payments at the dental office too. Everything in the plan is clearly spelled out, no surprises.

    Florida Rocio A., Florida
  • The plan clearly stated the pricing and recommended dental offices. We chose one and were extremely happy with the service. The prices were exactly as advertised, and I saved over $2,500 including the cleaning.

    Florida Ronald T., Florida
  • I saved over $1,000 with my Careington plan. I got a complete upper denture for $880, and I have had 7 teeth pulled and will have 3 more pulled yet.

    Illinois Roy G., Illinois
  • I had no insurance and didn’t have time to wait 6 months to have my wisdom teeth taken out—I was in too much pain. I called 1Dental, and they were so friendly and helpful! I was able to make an appointment immediately and saved hundreds on my procedure through their plan.

    Oklahoma Sarah S., Oklahoma
  • I joined the Careington Care 500 Series plan this year and started saving money right away on major dental work… I made a total of 6 trips to get 6 crowns, a bridge, and some front teeth cosmetic filling replaced that had yellowed over the years. After all my appointments were finished, I realized that instead of paying nearly $8,000 for dental work, I paid $4,300. I was also very happy with the provider—he had over 20 years experience and knew right away after taking a look what needed to be done.

    Florida Sheri W., Florida
  • The plan saved me more than the enrollment fee and first year’s fee in the first 2 visits, and the dentist I found was great. By the time I complete my care with one last visit for fillings, I will have saved more than $600.

    Pennsylvania Steve M., Pennsylvania
  • I have been using Careington for 15 years. Your discount plan works for me. We save a lot of money on crowns and other dental work.

    Florida Steven H., Florida
  • I came across Careington 1Dental, looked them over online, then called an associate. The questions I asked were answered without any ‘hard sell,’ and I felt comfortable enough to call local dentists in my area. I contacted one nearest to my home and asked if the Careington Dental 500 plan really worked and if there were any hidden loopholes. I was pleasantly surprised when I was informed that this dentist worked with this plan with great success. I went for my first visit and was given a complete statement of the work I needed. I compared this to similar work I had done 7 years ago (in the same local area) and my quote was $1,000 less.

    Florida Tina P., Florida
  • With my Careington Care 500 Series plan I saved hundreds at my dentist. I had to have a deep cleaning for the gum disease I got, and the follow-ups saved me every time I go. They stopped my gum disease, and now I’m on a routine cleaning plan that, without Careington Care 500 Series, I could have never afforded.

    Arizona William R., Arizona