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Dental Insurance for Single Men

By Susan Braden

dental insurance for young men

Single men enjoying life may not view oral health as a high priority, but proper care can prevent a lot of problems in your future. Everyone’s general well-being includes healthy teeth and gums, and poor hygiene can affect you more than you might realize. Dental insurance or discounts can make your dentist visits less of a financial burden in these key ways.

A More Attractive Smile

A person’s smile has ranked higher than eyes, body and hair as the most important physical feature, according to the American Dental Association. A clean, attractive smile can not only make you look more confident, it can also make you more approachable. Plaque buildup and decaying gums, however, could make you look more unkempt than confident; regular brushing, flossing and checkups at a cheap dentist could help keep your smile in great condition.

Appropriate dental coverage may help save you some money, both for current procedures and by negating your need for more extensive treatment in the future. Do some research to make sure you are getting the best deal possible.

Fresher Breath

  • Bad breath could offend anyone from your employer to your girlfriend, so don’t neglect your daily oral hygiene! This daily care is like insurance for your mouth.

  • Brushing your teeth at least twice daily with a soft-bristle toothbrush cleans out food and plaque.

  • Flossing at least once daily removes debris lodged between the teeth in areas impossible to reach with your toothbrush bristles. If left unattended, these lingering particles could advance to tooth decay and gum disease, as bacteria eats into your tooth enamel and infects your gums.

  • A final swish of mouthwash after flossing could help wash away any excess debris and provide some extra disinfecting and cavity-prevention benefits.

  • Mints, gum or even a quick swish of water provide quick (though temporary) fixes if necessary.

Less Pain

Learn about Affordable Dental Plans

Constantly dealing with tooth decay and gum disease can hamper your daily life, and the pain can make it difficult to focus at work or enjoy a fun time with friends. Regular checkups and cleanings every six months to a year can help ensure that you’re taking care of your pearly whites. If you explore your dental insurance options, you may find something that can make your visits more financially possible. Some plans offer discount options as well, granting you an affordable, healthy smile that will help you enjoy life more fully.

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