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Affordable Dental Plan For Individuals, Families and Groups

Like that one sock that disappeared in the dryer, quality oral care at an affordable price can be difficult to find. Employer-provided coverage is rare and budget-friendly private insurance is just as uncommon. However, there is another option.

An affordable dental plan might be the option that is just right for you. Dental plan managers work with dentists to negotiate lower prices and provide access to those discounted price for a low monthly or annual fee. These plans save you time, money and are available for you, your family or your group!

Individuals and families can get an affordable dental plan at incredible monthly rates ranging between $7 for an individual plan and $16 for a family plan of 3 or more. Insurance can't even compare with those kinds of rates. And, with a plan like this you can also see the dentist immediately and as often as you need.

But does it save you at the dentist as well? A truly affordable dental plan has more than just low monthly rates, they also provide significant savings at the dentist. With some providers you'll find savings between 15% and 60% on tons of procedures – even on things that your current insurance may not cover! Braces, cleanings, fillings and more are discounted at a significant amount that will make you and your family smile.

If you're looking to provide some help to your employees, you may also be concerned with the cost to your company – in terms of dollars and sense. Affordable dental plans for businesses are also available at no additional charge to the company – great care with no hassle!

With certain providers, groups receive special prices for signing up. The cost is less than $2 a week for the employee and the company actually receives a tax break off of the deal. It only takes 30-45 days to process and employees receive discounts at the dentist and access to included vision plan.

The company enjoys happier employees and a reduction in the cost of providing worker benefits. If you're interested in an affordable dental plan for your business, call 1.800.372.7615 and receive more information on group rates and how to get started.

Learn about Affordable Dental Plans

Affordable Dental Plan for You and Your Family

Having an affordable dental plan for you, your family and your employees is essential to maintaining quality of life while also maintaining your sanity! No one wants to be stressed about how to provide care for the people they depend on the most and an affordable dental plan is an option that can help you get the care you need with the peace of mind you want. Check it out.



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