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A Cheap Careington Dental Plan Does Not Cost Quality

By C. Burdick

There may be a great myth in the world of dentistry, and that myth is that “you get what you pay for.”

For the most part in life you may “get what you pay for,” and if something in life seems “too good to be true,” often times it is. However, there are always exceptions, even big exceptions, to these rules.

Think of the times in your life when high cost things you purchased still failed you in quality. Conversely, there are also many things of high quality or value that are not very expensive.

Now admitting that there are exceptions to these rules, it is easy to understand that while you do want to make informed purchasing decisions, especially when it comes to dental plans, you should not lump everything into the trashcan just because it is inexpensive or sounds too good to be true – and not every dental plan is “too good to be true!”

Many believe that if you buy low cost coverage, then you will automatically receive low quality service. Thus with a low cost dental plan, some people only expect to receive care from unprofessional, un-credentialed dentists or dentists-in-training. However, this is not the case with the Careington dental plan – in most cases you will always save more than what you pay for the plan at high quality dentists and dental centers.

All Careington dentists undergo an extensive credentialing process to ensure Careington quality standards are met – the dentist must be in practice for a number of years, have a set amount of malpractice insurance, and have a good reputation in the surrounding community. A Careington 500 Series dentist has contracted to charge the specific prices from the 500 Series fee schedule – that means the dentist is legally bound to charge you only the fee schedule's prices as long as the office is a provider!

How a Careington Dental Plan Works - It's No Myth

The way a Careington dental plan works is simple. Careington continues to build its large network of providers who agree to a lower price list for general dentistry – the “fee schedule.” Why do Careington dentists agree to lower their prices so substantially? These plans are quite popular with millions of members, so a dentist who is a Careington provider receives many additional patients and thus spreads word about the office in your surrounding community! Not to mention, the paperwork dental offices file for traditional insurance claims costs time and money, but there are no claim forms or paperwork for a provider who accepts the Careington dental plan.

Learn about Affordable Dental Plans

Low cost dentistry does not have to mean low quality – there is a dental plan out there that dramatically cuts the costs of dental work while providing the highest quality service! In fact, with the cheap Careington dental plan you could receive the same service as another patient who is paying for high premium insurance.

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