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Monthly Dental Plan

By Susan Braden

You are committed to your health and that of your family. And yet, you are faced with the question that is perplexing a steadily increasing number of Americans these days: how can I afford regular dental care? Is there anything you can do to maintain your oral health without breaking the bank? Is it possible to find a monthly dental plan to help?

Problems with Traditional Insurance

Traditional insurance plans often give you substantial help with dental costs, sometimes as much as 80% of the total price for certain procedures. However, they also have significant drawbacks.

You cannot pay on a monthly basis.

You are usually required to contribute a significant deductible before your carrier will cover any care you receive, often well over $100.

You may have to wait a year to be eligible for reimbursement of more complicated procedures.

For every twelve-month period, your carrier will probably also only pay up to a specific amount, usually around $1000, leaving you responsible in full for any additional costs. Unfortunately, these are the dirty little secrets of most insurance plans.

A More Affordable Option

If the long waits, paperwork, deductibles and yearly maximums leave you lukewarm about traditional dental plans, consider an innovative alternative.

Discount dental plans have no deductibles or yearly maximums, and do not leave you mired in claims forms.

Discount dental plans provide you with inexpensive, high quality coverage. Although you can pay your premium in full at the beginning of each year and save a percentage of the total cost, you can pay on a monthly basis starting at $14.95 a month!

Because millions of patients have joined these discount models, they are able to negotiate with dentists in their network to provide comprehensive treatment at price points that virtually everyone can afford.

If you don’t have traditional coverage or are finding your insurance to be sorely lacking, consider joining a discount dental plan such as the Careington 500 Series. You will find this monthly plan to be of premium quality, easy to access, and even easier on your pocketbook.

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