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#1 Chronic Health Problem Among Kids (Affordable Dental Needed)

By Susan Braden

Studies show that dental decay is the number one chronic health problem among children. Do you know that this decay can begin as early as when your child's first baby tooth appears? Parents have the responsibility to recognize the signs of this decay and to maintain the affordable dental care to help prevent it.

Dental decay is the development of cavities in the teeth. Cavities form when germs in the mouth mix with sugars found in foods and drinks, creating an acid that, when hardened, breaks through tooth enamel. The result is holes in the enamel that fill with bacteria. These cavities can be very painful for your child!

This decay can cause the premature loss of baby teeth, which could cause other baby teeth to move, shutting out openings for adult teeth to come in! The outcome of tooth decay in childhood can be crowded or crooked adult teeth. Even worse, tooth decay can lead to infections that can ultimately be deadly, and should be treated with affordable dental care at a dentist or pedodontist.

Fortunately, you can prevent decay in your children's mouths - simply maintaining oral hygiene and checkups with an affordable dental plan can greatly reduce the likelihood of childhood cavities. Here are some simple steps parents can take to protect their children’s teeth.

Protecting Against the #1 Chronic Health Problem Among Kids

  • Beginning in infancy, rub your child’s gums after each feeding.
  • Start brushing your child’s teeth twice a day as soon as the first appears with a wet washcloth or with a baby toothbrush.
  • Take your child to well baby checkups. The doctor will check your child's mouth and let you know of possible tooth decay.
  • Consult your child’s pediatrician about fluoride intake. It is important for children to use fluoride as it creates protection for the tooth enamel, however, too much fluoride can be detrimental to your child’s health.
  • Find out when your dentist wants to start giving your child routine checkups (usually beginning no later than 3 years of age.)
  • Limit your child's intake of sugary foods and juices. Only give your child sweet drinks at mealtimes that include other foods, to help scrape the sugar off teeth.
  • Do not share food or drinks with your child. Adults spread more bacteria to their children than children create on their own!

Learn about Affordable Dental Plans

Chronic tooth decay is a serious concern that can lead to many future problems in your child’s health and well-being. It is wise to both supervise your children's oral hygiene from an early age and to have an affordable dental plan on hand when more extensive care is needed. Because decay can begin as early as infancy, it is the privilege and responsibility of parents to help their children care for their teeth, to keep them strong and healthy!

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