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3-Step Plan to Lose Weight (Health Tips & Cheap Dental)

By Susan Braden

Lose Weight - Health Tips and Cheap Dental Remedy

During these summer months, you may be booking vacations and packing up your winter-wear. Have you discovered that your beachwear does not fit so well this year? In light of the fact that American individuals tend to gain about 2 pounds every year, maybe your need to slim-down is not too surprising.

Do you know that there is a step you can take to slim down that many people miss? Try out this simple, 3-step plan to discover great weight loss tips, and an often-neglected cheap dental remedy.

Step 1: Follow This Cheap Dental Slim-Down Remedy

Want to know what the cheap dental weight loss remedy is? Brushing your teeth! Brushing often may seem very simplistic, but it may be the best cheap dental way for you to shed some pounds. Many people do not realize that just a quick brush of their pearly whites will help them feel satisfied after eating. When you brush after eating, you will not want to dirty your freshly-brushed pearly whites, so you will be less inclined to continue snacking! The next time you crave an unhealthy treat, pull out a toothbrush and cheap dental toothpaste, and swig some ice water. Then watch your craving fade or disappear!

Do not feel obligated to buy the pricey “dietary toothpaste” of advertisements. Cheap dental toothpastes available at your local grocery store will be enough to begin paving your way to a slim figure, with a good-looking smile, too!

Step 2: Get Moving

As you work on slimming down, exercising regularly can be even more important than frequent brushing with cheap dental toothpaste as mentioned. If you are not moving around, then you will not burn the calories as much as you need to to lose weight. There are so many ways to exercise, so the first thing to do is to find what method works best for you. Here are a few ideas to try out.

Take a long walk or bike ride. In the morning, evening, or on your lunch break, just 20 minutes or more of these kinds of exercise will get your heart rate up and burn those calories. If you would like to interact with more people, or practice some strength training, join a gym with a friend and go together.

Shape up from home. If a gym membership is not cheap enough for your budget, get a fun work out tape and plan to workout with a friend. After your workout, you can share a fruit-and-veggie smoothie or go shopping together. There are great tapes for all kinds of desired workout results. Pilates, Taebo, yoga, and step workouts may all produce different muscle-tone results, but all will ultimately help you slim down for summer!

Step 3: Get Accountability

The best way to stay on track with your exercise plan is to keep in touch with a friend or family member who will ask you hard questions about your workout habits. Make the commitment to get into shape together, and your chances of weight loss success will dramatically increase.


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Today is the day to start losing weight! Do not wait another moment – brush with cheap dental toothpaste to ward off those cravings, get moving, and most importantly, get accountability. Start slimming yourself today into the person that can fit into last summer’s beachwear, and who also lives out the self-confidence to be someone you can respect.

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