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About the Free Dental and Health Care Finders

By Libby Taylor

The Free Dental Care Finder is a tool designed to help those in search of low cost dental care options find a provider accessible to them. 1Dental strives to make maintaining oral health an easy habit for all to enjoy.

The Tool

Both the Free Dental Care Finder and the Free Health Care Finder are web tools that provide access to free or low-cost dental and health care, respectively. Users across the country can search for every location near them offering care for little or no money at all and find everything they need to make an appointment. Our team has worked for months to complete and personally verify the data in these tools. Both websites also offer widgets (or web tools) that can easily be added to any organization's website for free as well.

These Free Care Finders (FCF) are unique in their class because our team has personally called every location to verify services offered, contact information, and any restrictions on who qualifies for their service. Additionally, the FCF are not bogged down with ads, so you can easily find the information you want. In addition, our team has added advanced sorting options, designed a sophisticated layout, and connected our information to Google maps so that you can select which location is best for you.

The Need

Over 140 million Americans are without dental benefits, and 46 million are without health insurance. They are forced to pay these bills out of pocket or suffer immensely due to untreated needs. Most of these uninsured Americans have little income and are hard pressed to come up with the money needed to take care of basic health and dental care. Therefore, literally millions of people would benefit from acquiring free or discount care.

Although many free or low-cost clinics exist, few resources on finding them are available.  Additionally, the resources that do exist primarily serve as advertisement centers, making it difficult to find useful information, and most contain incomplete and outdated data. That is why our team decided to meet the need for free care by providing a complete list of these places for the entire country—and putting it in a format that is easy to use.

The People

The best feature about FCF is that anybody can use this tool for free. After all, it would not be beneficial to anybody looking for free care to have to pay to find it. People can access FCF by going directly to the site or by using the FCF widget (web tool) on a site hosting it.

Any organization can also use the FCF service free of charge, too. Your organization can refer your community to it by doing something as simple as placing a link on your site. You can also click the button on the FCF homepage titled "Add This To Your Site," and right away you can copy and paste the widget code onto your website. Hosting the widget does have the added benefit of letting you provide the resource without your visitors ever leaving your site.

The Sponsor - is dedicated to helping people have access to low-cost dental plans that reduce dental bills. Over the years of business, our team has run into many people who cannot afford discount dental plans for even $99 per year. We wanted to do something to help, since our normal business cannot meet these needs. Sponsoring the FCF's creation is a great fit because it lines up with the 1Dental's goal of connecting people with low cost dental care.

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