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Affordable Dental Solutions for Dry Socket

By Susan Braden

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This condition can be a painful complication following an extraction. A patient experiencing this pain can implement several affordable dental solutions to mend the problem until a dentist can look at it. Ideally, the patient will nurse the wound to prevent it, but sometimes it cannot be avoided, and these tips may help make the experience a little more bearable.

This condition, formally known to dentists as alveola osteitis, occurs when the gap from an extraction fails to heal properly. A blood clot must quickly form in the space to protect the wound as it heals, and if the clot comes out, the healing process will be painful and last much longer. After a typical extraction, the pain tends to subside within a few days. Steadily intensifying pain several days after the procedure may indicate this condition. Additionally, a person with dry socket may experience a foul taste or smell coming from the affected area. Exposed bone will be visible in the wound if the blood clot is gone. The lower teeth, especially molars, are especially susceptible to dry socket. However, only about 1-3 percent of extraction patients experience the complication.

Temporary Fixes

Not much can be done to fix the problem, but patients can try to limit physical movement, and thus blood flow to the area, until they get an emergency appointment with a cheap dentist. Over-the-counter pain medication will not directly reach the affected area, but it may help the body to relax somewhat. A patient should not avoid brushing the teeth around the space, because plaque buildup could make the problem worse.

A patient experiencing dry socket should not try to solve the problem by only taking pain pills, because it will not fully control the discomfort or speed up the recovery process. The most effective and affordable solution is to visit the dentist immediately. He or she will insert a medicated dressing into the dry socket to help control the pain until the extended healing process advances.

How Treatment Works

The medication in the dressing differs between dentists, but the most common ingredients are benzocaine (an anesthetic) mixed with an affordable clove oil extract. Most patients experience dramatic relief within an hour or two after the dressing is placed in their mouth. Dentists recommend that it should be changed every one or two days for up to a week.

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Dentists understand that this condition is an unfortunate complication, and they are prepared to treat patients. They realize that sometimes it just happens through no fault of the patient. They can treat the problem quickly and effectively with a medicated dressing. Until then, following a few affordable dental tips may help alleviate discomfort until a dentist sees it.


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