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Preventative Dental Care for Your Teeth at a Careington Dentist

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“I’m healthy. Why do I need to see a Careington dentist?”

Many people have heard this question or have asked it themselves. Why must seemingly healthy, white, straight teeth and gums be subjected to the probing metal instruments of a dentist? Why must you wait in an office, have a dentist poke around in your mouth, swish some fluoride and then walk out with a roll of floss from you dentist that you may or may not use?

The answer is not “so my dentist can drive a Ferrari.” The importance of consistently seeing a dentist lies in the long-term preventive care that, along with a Careington dental plan, will save you the cost of expensive, major surgeries or treatment. Visiting a Careington dentist on a regular basis (every 6-12 months) allows a Careington dental professional to regularly check up on your teeth and gums to watch for and record any changes in your mouth. These are important, often hard-to-notice dental changes that even a friend staring down your throat with a makeup mirror would not recognize.

Your Careington dentist and dental hygienists are trained to distinguish the slightest dental changes from visit to visit, including tell-tale signs of pending or future dental problems. Careington dentists and hygienists can catch initial stages of dental decay or dental diseases before these even become full-blown issues, treating initial signs less painfully – and for a fraction of the cost – than if you had waited to feel pain. You can save over half on this vital preventative care with your Careington dental plan.

Even a dental issue as “small” as a toothache or a hurting cavity can master your life once it hits. Throbbing pain, restless sleep, inability to eat, difficulty speaking, and a swollen mouth will severely interrupt your daily life. These symptoms can lead to loss of money if you are in too much pain to go to work, not to mention the cost of oral surgery if you do not have a Careington dental plan.

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Why a Careington Dentist?

Just a quick trip to your Careington dentist will likely resolve a dental issue such as a cavity before it progresses into life-altering pain. Many Careington dentists even apply sealants on certain teeth that are more prone to cavities due to their shape and position in your mouth. Such sealants greatly reduce your chances of developing a cavity, because they block bacteria from entering tiny crevices in your teeth where the bacteria could grow into something nasty!

Rotting teeth and severe oral diseases such as gingivitis can cause major pain and money loss if not treated early. Proper dental health and regular visits to a Careington dentist could prevent severe dental issues from developing in your mouth, and an affordable Careington dental plan will allow you to save money even in dental emergencies. You may not think a painful dental problem could happen to you – but why take that chance?

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