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Cheap Dental Diet Tip - Brush Your Teeth!

By Susan Braden

cheap dental tip brush your teeth

Some diets require you to eat or not eat certain foods, perhaps lowering your intake of calories, carbohydrates, processed sugars, and fats, while raising your intake of fruits, vegetables and vitamins. However, no matter what diet you choose, one thing is for sure – you will be hungry at some point. How will you fight your next urge to run to the pantry or vending machine to grab a dangerous snack? There is another way to fight cravings – our cheap dental tip to help your diet is to just brush your teeth! Here are two reasons why more frequent brushing is a great weight-loss tool.

1. After brushing, you will not want to spoil the enjoyable feeling of a fresh mouth.

You will want to keep a clean feeling in your mouth as long as possible, to enjoy the minty freshness! Another way to make sure you get that fresh feeling all around your mouth is to go above and beyond your normal brush – by cleaning your tongue and inside of your cheeks. Not only will this spread the taste of the minty toothpaste to every part of your mouth, but it will also help kill more bacteria that cause bad breath.

2. Food that follows toothpaste does not taste the same.

In fact, eating after brushing usually diminishes the taste of any food – though a minty taste is great, the taste of mint toothpaste does not mix well with food.

Though brushing your teeth may reduce your desire for more food (lest you spoil your fresh breath) your body may still feel as hungry as before. There is a product on the market that claims to help with this lack of satisfaction – a toothpaste that actually contains chromium, a chemical that reduces the feeling of hunger. Consumers are encouraged to brush with this toothpaste five times a day to reduce the hunger. This toothpaste does run at a high price, and many consumers actually believe that you can get the same effects from using regular toothpaste.

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Regardless, brushing your teeth can give you the motivation you need to resist processed snacks. So when you are hungry in between meals, just go brush your teeth! This cheap dental craving-fighting tip will help keep you from raiding the refrigerator, as well as ensuring you have fresh breath all day long.

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