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Chocolate Toothpaste? Cocoa Extract Could Fight Tooth Decay

By Susan Braden

chocolate extract may lead to more affordable dental bills

When you think of oral hygiene, you may wish that "eating chocolate" could be part of your daily routine. While your dentist won’t recommend you exchange your toothbrush for a candy bar anytime soon, a certain cocoa extract found in chocolates is proven to fight cavities. Arman Sadeghpour, a Ph.D. in Bioinformatics from Tulane University, has concluded that this substance protects your teeth from cavities even better than fluoride does, which could lead to more affordable dental care.

What Does the Extract Do?

According to Science Daily, this white, powdery substance, somewhat like caffeine, is found in many foods such as various teas and chocolates. The substance strengthens tooth enamel to help fight cavities even more effectively than fluoride-enhancing toothpastes. The introduction of this extract could be the greatest innovation in oral maintenance since fluoride was introduced to toothpaste in the early 1900’s.

Testing and Research

While the extract may have additional testing to endure before its commercial debut in a full-fledged toothpaste, it has been tested on animal teeth. Sadeghpour has formulated a prototype for human teeth containing the extract, in the form of a peppermint-flavored toothpaste. Sadeghpour’s research for his doctoral thesis served as a comparison of the effects of the substance and of fluoride on human tooth enamel. Scientists hailing from Tulane University, Louisiana State University’s dental school, and the University of New Orleans aided Sadeghpour in his groundbreaking research.


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By providing increased protection against cavities, this discovery may be a helpful step toward more affordable treatment for you and your family. A “chocolate toothpaste” on the horizon may even motivate kids to brush their teeth more often, saving their parents’ money on dentist bills and allowing trips to the dentist to be less painful. Not only does chocolate make a delicious afternoon snack, it may now be a revolutionary step in providing you cheaper dentist bills!

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