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The Cost of Dental Care

What's The Cost Of Dental Care?

I’ve heard it said more than once, that the large amount dentists charge, reflects what they intend to charge the insurance company for the work, not necessarily what they would charge your average, out of pocket consumer. However, I propose to you that this premise is misleading. The cost of dental care at a particular dentist can not be adjusted based on who they are charging. A dentist’s cost or “fee schedule” is standard unless he has contracted prices with an outside party. Therefore, your dental costs will be high unless you are linked with an outside party who has contracted lower prices. This clearer perspective gives you three basic options for controlling how much you spend at the dentist.

Options for Controlling Cost of Dental Care

Most dental practices generally assume their patients do, in fact, have insurance because it is the standard option people choose to control their costs at the dentist. However, many normal, hardworking Americans don’t have insurance. Even more so, a huge percent of people don’t have it to assist in the cost of dental care expenses. This reality exists not because those people are lazy. It is also unlikely that our current health care system is to blame for this reality. Possibly the reason may people don’t have insurance is because healthy people don’t think they need it, sick people can’t get insurance, and many just can’t afford it. The cost of dental care may be lessened through insurance, but the monthly premiums make it completely unaffordable.

Learn the Cost of Dental Services
in Your Area

Is there any option available for people like the above mentioned to assist with the cost of dental care needs? Yes! Dental Plans are a lesser known but great option for saving money. It might sound new but they’ve actually been around for over 30 years. Many have probably heard the term “Dental Plan” and just simply assumed that it meant Dental Insurance, but, a Dental Plan is a discount plan that has a network of specific dentists who agree to much lower prices for their members. They, in turn are rewarded with an abundance of new clients. This type of company is the best of both worlds. You are connected with a company that has contracted a lower cost of dental care but the monthly premiums are low because the provider and dentist never have to interact. Insurance plans have to increase the cost for dental care to cover deductibles, maximums, waiting periods, rate increases, and claim forms, all of which the Dental Plans typically do not have.

The “Customer First” glory days of 4 or 5 decades ago has passed and the consumer must be clever and informed to discover if they are getting the best price and service. Dental care cost is an excellent example of this premise. Insurance companies have realized that their ability to market themselves matters more than the clarity and quality of their benefits. The option of a dental discount plan are available to you and can truly help you save money.

We all want to know the bottom line. Are Dental Plans cheaper? It is clear with little research they indeed are a better option to save you money!

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