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Dental Insurance Coverage for Senior Citizens

By Libby Taylor

Senior citizens all across the US are seeking coverage to reduce their oral health costs. The dental insurance rates for seniors have skyrocketed in the past several years, and more than anyone else in this economy, seniors need a reliable dental insurance alternative.

Medicare & Medicaid Are Inadequate

Currently, minimal government assistance is available for seniors. The majority of Medicare and Medicaid programs do not include dentistry. Even those programs that do include coverage for seniors only contain provisions for extractions of teeth, and exclude the majority of the common oral procedures often required for older patients. Practically no help is available for obtaining primary tooth repair or for having missing teeth replaced. Usually Medicare and Medicaid supply virtually no aid for just about any type of oral care.

Seniors Have Greater Dental Needs

Numerous senior citizens live on a fixed overall wage via a retirement plan through their previous employer, or by means of social security, and are unable to pay for their senior dental insurance. Consequently, as the average nationwide cost of living soars, the static earnings of seniors have become less and less sufficient to cover the cost of living, including oral care. Connected with this, seniors regularly need far more oral care than younger Americans – seniors need dental insurance that is exclusively their own!

Teeth, like bones, tend to decay and erode as time passes, and grow to be significantly more susceptible to degeneration and breakage. This indicates that aging seniors are going to have additional health issues with their teeth and fewer dollars on hand to pay for oral care. Seniors have a dire, pressing need for supplemental insurance!

If a senior citizen still possesses the majority of of his or her original teeth, the specific work needed normally involves very conventional treatments such as fillings, crowns, and root canals. Nevertheless, given the age of their teeth, the majority of older persons tend to explore the extraction of all of their teeth to have dentures installed instead. Surgical extractions of teeth can easily surpass $300 for each tooth! Beyond the fee for extractions, a comprehensive new set of dentures could range anywhere from $3,000-$4,000.

Typical Dental Insurance is Not Cheap

A single challenge which unfortunately must be conquered when thinking about dental insurance for seniors is that insurance is often much more highly-priced. The reason for this is that insurance providers realize that seniors are traditionally searching for a significant amount of work to be performed (extractions and dentures). Frequently, senior dental insurance is not even offered once a person reaches a particular age.

Get an Affordable Dental Insurance Alternative for Seniors

An additional solution for seniors, however, is a discount plan. Discount plans are accessible for individuals of every age, and comfortably reduce your bill at the dentist by 15% to 60%. One more terrific benefit of discount plans for seniors is that discount plans do not conflict with Medicare or Medicaid. Medicare has restrictions on exactly what varieties of coverage an individual can possess, however discount plans have been developed outside of old-fashioned insurance. These plans have the distinction of providing all the rewards of insurance for seniors without the typical hassles.

Learn about Affordable Dental Plans

Seniors can gain access to discount plans for seniors online. Presently there are several distinct plans obtainable through quite a few different websites, like the Careington Care 500 plan. Seniors can check out the plans tailored for their specific locations throughout the country to evaluate which one will be most helpful in meeting their oral care needs. There truly is a plan for every person – with just a minor amount of effort, you can identify a plan that is right for you.

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