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Family Dental Insurance: Prevent Cavities in Children

Family Dental Insurance

A 2007 study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that young children are getting more cavities than ever before. How can you keep your child from becoming an unfortunate statistic? Prevent the cavity problem before it starts and make sure you have family dental insurance to help.

Explain to your kids the definition of a cavity and its causes so that cavities are not some normal issue they expect to have just because their classmates have them! Simple communication with your kids can help you avoid unnecessary usage of your family dental insurance. Show pictures of what a cavity looks like and how it grows, then explain what it feels like to have one. Describe also, in simple terms, the process of filling cavities. This is not to scare your kids (so do not show pictures of severe cavities), but to make them aware. Follow this explanation by outlining what your children should do to have a healthy mouth without cavities – check out these tips!

Show your child what foods lead to cavities (like candy and other sweets, for example), being sure to include that eating these things in moderation is OK. It is simply necessary to brush your teeth shortly afterward. Avoid details about complicated issues like family dental insurance. These sorts of complicated ideas will only create confusion.

Teach your kids a thorough method for brushing their teeth, checking on them the first few times until the method becomes a habit. A child’s brushing routine should include steady, repeated motion on all sides of the teeth as well as on the gums at least twice a day.

Explain that going to the dentist for a checkup or teeth cleaning is nothing to be afraid of. Many modern children’s books have a dentist theme, picturing the main character going to the dentist for a checkup or even going to get a cavity filled.

Provide your kids incentives to keep healthy teeth. Every time your children leave the dentist with the “all-clear, no-cavities” statement, reward them with something small that will give incentive to remain cavity-free! Some dentists take Polaroid photos of children who come in with no cavities, and let them place the photos on a “no-cavities” display board. Some dentists give cavity-free children small prizes.

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Finally, take your child to regularly scheduled cleanings or, if they have weaker enamel, take them in for more frequent cleanings. Using family dental insurance keeps your family healthy and happy when it comes to the mouth. Finding a dental insurance plan can be even as simple as an internet search, and is essential to saving money when you take your kids or yourself to the dentist.

It is important to prevent cavities in children because decayed baby teeth can lead to decayed permanent teeth – often without allowing permanent teeth to be exposed before causing infection. Tooth decay can spread, so it is important to start developing healthy habits even at a young age.

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