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Get Hired Post Graduation: Appearance Tips for a Great First Impression

By Susan Braden

Graduates Hired Post Graduation

A recent article from Fox News suggests that many graduating college students have not factored in a key element for being hired for a job: their overall appearance. According to the article, a University of California study notes that good-looking individuals make an average of 12% more money!

According to the study, a good-looking person is more likely to be hired than a less attractive person after a job interview, and judged to be more of a "team player." The researchers also stated that 39% of good-looking people are thought to be helpful, versus 16% of somewhat nice-looking men and women, and only 6% of unattractive workers.

Although most of us would agree that the facts in this report seem unfair, they are facts nonetheless, and whatever stage of life you are in, you should seriously take into consideration your appearance before applying for a new job.

The article also emphasizes the importance of having an attractive smile. Since the hiring representative conducting your interview will be looking primarily at your face, it is only natural that you should aim for your expression and smile to be especially attractive, and gain affordable dental care if necessary to help out!

If you are a recent graduate, the task of improving your smile and general appearance may sound daunting. Late nights, long parties and lots of coffee can ultimately lead to a haggard expression and a dismal smile. However, implementing 3 simple tips can allow you to improve the look of your face and teeth. Follow these steps to see quick, significant improvement in your smile, expression, and the way you carry yourself!

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Step 1: Improve Your Smile

The best way to improve your smile is to see a dentist for an affordable dental oral exam and cleaning. If you are a recent graduate with no affordable dental insurance, investigate an affordable dental plan. Affordable dental plans can help you see a professional dentist as soon as possible and may reduce your bill substantially. At the dentist, find out about any additional procedures that might be a help to you, such as whitening treatment, implants or orthodontics – some may seem less than affordable dental procedures, but can reap a lifetime of benefits. Once you have cleaned and brightened your smile, and found affordable dental care if desired, you may want to move on to improving the rest of your face.

Step 2: Get Rid of the "College Student" Look

If you already practice excellent personal hygiene, then you may not need this step. However, if you have enjoyed a college lifestyle that leaves you looking scruffy, puffy or pale, you can take a few steps to improve the overall look of your skin and face. First, lay off the late nights. Get 8 hours of sleep – and not from 2 a.m. to 10 a.m., but from sometime before midnight to 6, 7 or 8 a.m. You should also make shaving or putting make-up on a habit for every morning. Drinking a lot of water will also improve the tone of your skin, and certain skin products will also improve your facial appearance as well.

Step 3: Develop a Pleasant Expression

Although it takes more muscles to frown outright than it does to smile, most people have a stern look when their mouth is simply relaxed. Practice smiling, laughing and talking in a pleasant manner. If you are not sure whether your voice and smile are attractive or not, get honest feedback from your friends.

Ladies should make sure that they do not talk in an overly high-pitched tone or giggle during job interviews. Men should practice good posture, a warm smile, and should avoid talking through the nose. Practicing in the mirror can be a great way to improve your facial and tonal expressions.

Hired Post Graduation

Although you must have the right training and experience to get hired for most jobs, an attractive appearance can be a great help in overcoming certain obstacles. Employers will hire you primarily based on a 40-70 minute impression. They will assuredly look at your credentials, but they will also look at you. Your appearance may make the difference between a great job offer and more pavement pounding.

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