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How to Lose Weight Without Exercise

By Susan Braden

Lose Weight Without Exercise

It is summer vacation time, which means that many of us are breaking out our summer wardrobes. Are your clothes a little tighter this year, or are you embarrassed to step out in a swimsuit? Because the average American adds an average of 2 pounds every year, it may not be a surprise that your clothes from last summer do not fit the same way this season.

The best weight loss can be achieved through diet and exercise, but if you want to take some easy, healthy steps before beginning an exercise regimen, then these tips may be for you. Here are some helpful, low cost dental and health tips, to make eating right easier on your body and your budget. Apply these tips to get on your way to a great beach body – and a great smile too!

Step 1: Follow This Low-Cost Dental Weight Loss Remedy

What is this remedy? Brush your teeth! This may sound too simple, but frequent brushing may be the most low cost dental way to lose weight easily. There is something about brushing your teeth that gives you the feeling of satisfaction after a meal. If you brush your teeth after meals, you will be less likely to pick up an unhealthy snack or to continue eating – you will not want to spoil your clean, shiny teeth! When you find yourself craving a snack that you should not have, brush your teeth right away with low cost dental toothpaste, and take a drink or two of cold water. You will be amazed when your craving goes away!

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You do not need to buy into the “weight loss toothpaste” that you may see advertised. Any of the regular, low cost dental toothpastes at your local grocery store will do the trick, to get you on your way to a great body, and a shiny smile to match!

Step 2: Eat Right and Enjoy It!

There is no way around eating right. If you want to successfully slim down, then you have to change your eating habits. Unless you have a food addiction that requires medical help, you can take control of what you eat, and enjoy eating healthy food! The most effective diets often consist of high amounts of protein and vegetables, with low-sugar fruits and limited carbs and dairy products. To switch up what you eat, try some of these fun ideas.

Buy most of your groceries at a farmer’s market.Get mainly vegetables, nuts, and fruits, with a few healthy, organic dairy products if desired. For meat, try going to a butcher shop. Avoid the grocery store, unless these options are not available in your area. This process will help you to avoid sugary, salty, fatty foods and processed foods, and give you access to a lot of yummy, healthy, locally grown foods while supporting your community.

When you grocery shop, plan ahead. Planning ahead can enable you to successfully determine your grocery list, without being drawn to the unhealthy foods that may catch your eye. Do not forget, plan a list of healthy meals! Do not buy any processed food or sweets – not even those 100 calorie snack packs. The natural sugars in fruit, along with tasty veggies and meats, are all your body really needs.

Avoid fast food altogether. If you have to eat out, go to a place where you sit down, and order off the healthy portion of the menu. Then, only eat half of what you order. Remember, even a salad covered in dressing is not necessarily good for you. Grilled chicken with french fries and coleslaw is not good for you either!


Be to brush your teeth with low cost dental toothpaste to help lay off the snacks, and to take the steps to eat right. Applying these tips will help you get on your way to losing weight before starting an exercise plan. Who knows, after taking these steps, you may feel ready to get moving too!

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