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Low Cost Dental Answers for Bad Breath

By Susan Braden

Do you ever wake up in the morning with poor-smelling breath? Even worse, do you ever brush your teeth or use mouthwash in the morning, and still experience that bad smell? Due to the many factors that may cause your odor issue, you need knowledge of what your problem may be caused by, and find the answers for how to fix it -- the following information may be a help!

Common Causes of Bad Breath:

Dry Mouth

Dry mouth is caused by a lack of saliva and water in your mouth. You may have experienced this when waking with a cotton-feeling in your mouth and a noticeable odor. A lack of saliva and water in your mouth leaves food particles in places you do not want them, and hinders your mouth's natural cleansing processes.


From onions on a first date to morning coffee-breath at work, it is well known that food can be a primary culprit of poor-smelling breath. Though food is generally a cause of temporary bad breath, watching what you eat long-term and knowing the foods that most impact you may be the low cost dental answer you need to cure your problem.

Oral Diseases and Dentures

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Tooth decay and abscessed teeth are also common causes of bad breath. Dentists agree that any infection in a person's mouth is likely to cause odor issues. Along with tooth decay and abscessed teeth, dentures may cause poor-smelling breath if they are not cleaned properly. Diligent oral hygiene and cleanliness is a low cost dental answer for this type of bad breath.


If smoking has been a consistent habit of yours for a considerable amount of time, it is possible that you may experience smoker's breath. Smoker's breath is a symptom caused by nicotine and tar buildup on the teeth and inside the mouth of a habitual smoker. Though many people think that quitting smoking can cure this symptom, several visits to a dentist may be necessary.

By knowing the possible causes of your poor-smelling breath and some solutions, you have now taken one step closer towards the fresh breath you need. Gaining knowledge of how to more effectively manage your dental hygiene in a practical manner may be the best low cost dental answer you are looking for.

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