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Low Cost Dental Treatment for Discolored Teeth

By Susan Braden

Why do movie stars seem to have a smile as white as paper? Most likely, it is because they have spent thousands of dollars on procedures to make their smiles that way. While some of us are able to follow in the stars' expensive footsteps, the average American is in need of cheap options to help whiten their smiles. Here are a few ways to recapture your pearly whites, as well as some ways to avoid getting yellow teeth in the first place.

Causes of Tooth Stains

Problem #1. The first cause of a discolored smile can be a lack of cheap oral care. Most people think that they do not have any problems or pain in their mouth, therefore they feel like there is no reason to go to the dentist, or even floss. Years of this avoidance of the dentist almost invariably results in thousands of dollars of dentistry work down the road.

Solution: The simplest way to keep the cheapest dentist bill possible is to attend a check-up and cleaning every 6 months as your dentist recommends. This way, if decay or other oral problems appear, your dentist can take care of them before they ruin multiple teeth.

Problem #2. A second cause of tooth discoloration can be tobacco use, including both smoking and chewing tobacco. Stained teeth are a side effect of these behaviors that will occur over time. When someone starts smoking or chewing tobacco, they will not notice the discoloration immediately, however, over a long period of time their enamel will absorb the tobacco, causing their teeth to begin to turn a grayish yellow. This change may not even be noticed for years because of its subtlety, but such stains are difficult to reverse.

Solution: The best prevention of tobacco-stained teeth is to not use tobacco products. However, quitting smoking is a difficult task. Since tobacco is so expensive, finding low cost dental care may be good way to compensate yourself for the expense. Brushing, flossing and a good mouthwash after every cigarette is a great way to fight the damaging effects of tobacco on your teeth.

Problem #3. The third cause of discolored teeth can be drinking acidic, sugary or aerated drinks such as coffee, tea, sodas, and sweetened juices. These drinks eat away at the enamel on your teeth and can leave a nasty stain overtime.

Solution: Naturally, the way to prevent these stains is to cut down your consumption of such types of drinks, replacing them with water.


Once someone's teeth are already showing signs of discoloration, there are several options to remove their stains. Though in 2004, Americans spent over $2 billion on whitening methods, primarily at the dentist's office, there are a few low cost dental treatment options out there that may not include visiting a dentist.

1. Home whitening kits are decently priced around $60 and do prove to be effective. However, some argue against these kits for various health reasons.

2. Home remedies may also be helpful, especially those including baking soda and salt or baking soda and strawberries.

3. High-veggie diets such as broccoli and carrots help rid your mouth of stains over a period of time.

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These at-home options and prevention methods are very low cost dental solutions on the market for stained teeth. The best way to always receive low cost dental care, however, may be to avoid your need for any major dentistry procedure by exercising good oral hygiene and attending regular preventative care visits to your dentist. Carefully consider what you put in your mouth, and take extra care to keep it clean.

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