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Beware of Sodas for Low Cost Dental Bills

By Susan Braden

beware of soda for low cost dental bills

In this rough economy, people often try to lower their bills, often bills from the dentist’s office. There are many steps that you can take to attain overall low-cost dental bills. One of these ways is to watch how many soft drinks you drink on a daily basis. Here are some helpful tips regarding soda consumption that will motivate you to keep your teeth as healthy as possible.

Why quit drinking sodas?

Many people do not realize that what they drink can greatly affect the condition of their teeth. Soft drinks are some of the most acidic substances available, and yet many people consume 3-5 of them a day! This habit can be severely detrimental to your teeth. Do you know that just three or more sodas a day can increase your chances of developing a cavity or other tooth damage by two-thirds? Excessive soda consumption can be catastrophic to your smile, and will not lead to low cost dental work.

What are some ways to replace sodas?

There are many replacements for sugary, caffeinated, acidic sodas. One replacement, the most beneficial, is water – especially fluoridated water. Since our bodies are 60% water, and the pH balance of water is essentially neutral, water is the best and most healthy replacement for sodas. Some other replacements can be milk, soda water (even with a little bit of lime juice to add flavor), and various fruit drinks and smoothies. If you replace your soda consumption with fruit drinks and smoothies, however, make sure they are made of natural fruits, rather than sugary chemicals and concentrates.

If I can’t stop drinking sodas, how can I limit the damage?

Though sodas may slowly eat away at your teeth, there are some helpful ways you can limit this corrosion. One easy way to lessen the damage is to limit your soda consumption to one can of soda a day. Be sure to drink only a can-sized serving, so once the can is empty, you cannot go back for more. It is not wise to keep a 2-liter bottle on hand just for yourself, tempting you to drink more than one serving.

Another way to reduce corrosion is to rinse off your teeth with water after you drink pop, especially right before you brush your teeth. The reason for this tip is that when your teeth are brushed, the leftover sugars and acids on your teeth from soft drinks will be scratched around, corroding them even more! Water also helps cancel out the remaining acidity in your mouth, keeping its pH balance more neutral.

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Limiting your soda intake is a great way to attain low-cost dental services, lessening your occurrence of cavities and your need for expensive dental work due to corrosion and plaque. Watching the amount of sugary soft drinks you consume each day could drastically help both your mouth and your body! So if you are looking for low cost dental work, laying off the soda is a great way to start.

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