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Oral Diseases More Likely in Children With Special Needs

By Susan Braden

Studies show that kids with special health care needs are more likely to develop oral disease, as reported by the Academy of General Dentistry. Specialized diets, inability to maintain proper hygiene routines, and the necessity of liquid medicine can all contribute to poor oral health, so parents and caretakers may want to take advantage of discount dental plans.

These kids often can’t swallow pills, and sugary medicines in syrup form tend to stick to their teeth, causing decay. Their specialized diets can lead to tooth decay as well.

Parents of special needs children should talk with a dentist and begin establishing healthy habits by the time the child is 12 months old, as recommended by Maria Regina P. Estrella, DMD, MS, who also contributed to the "General Dentistry" article. A quality dentist can help parents teach their children to prevent oral disease, rather than simply treat it.

"Children [with special needs] should continue with the diet as directed by their physician, but a dentist may recommend more frequent applications of fluoridated toothpaste and mouthrinse and rinsing with water to decrease the risk of decay," said Academy spokesperson Vincent Mayher, DMD, MAGD.

These children should start visiting a dentist who understands their needs from a young age. If insurance is already a strain to their families, discount plans could help keep costs down.

Parents and caretakers can help these kids brush their teeth if they have difficulty performing the task themselves. Experts recommend approaching from behind for better visibility and control of the toothbrush.

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How Discount Dental Plans Can Help

It is incredibly important to begin investing in the oral health of special needs children before problems arise, and finding discount dental plans is a good place for their families to start. If parents and caretakers learn how to prevent oral disease early in these children's lives, their kids will develop healthy habits that could last a lifetime.

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