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Pregnancy Gingivitis and Affordable Dental Care Solutions

By Susan Braden

Pregnancy is a beautiful experience, and the new life developing results in drastic changes in a woman's body. Though some of these changes, such as the “pregnancy glow,” are pleasant and even exciting, other changes are not so pleasant. Weight gain, swelling and nausea are some negative side effects of pregnancy that most women are aware of, but surprising to some women is the toll that pregnancy takes on a woman’s gums and teeth. Most pregnant women do not realize their need for affordable dental care, however, pregnancy gingivitis is commonly experienced by expectant mothers. In fact, 50-75% of all pregnant women develop gingivitis. For this reason, it is not only imperative that women know how to prevent prenatal gingivitis, but also how to obtain affordable dental care.

What Causes Prenatal Gingivitis?

Estrogen and progesterone are the two hormones needed to form a baby. These two hormones increase dramatically during pregnancy, causing the retention of water in the mother's body. Expectant mothers have 40% more fluid in their bodies, which can result in red, puffy gums. These gums can be tender and painful, and may hinder proper oral hygiene. If you are an expectant mother, your hygienist can catch the development of gingivitis and help you prevent it. Bacteria on your gums and teeth is what causes gingivitis in the first place, so it is understandable that pregnant women are more prone to gingivitis. The good news is that the gum disease is easily preventable – prevention starts with gaining affordable dental care to receive the help necessary in preventing, or even reversing, gingivitis.

How To Prevent Pregnancy Gingivitis

The most important way to prevent prenatal gingivitis is to eliminate the bacteria on your gums and teeth. However, a woman needs to know how to do this before she gets pregnant, which is why affordable dental care is vital to a women’s health. Pregnant women tend to avoid touching their gums because they are sore, puffy and bleeding. Actually, it is imperative to maintain proper oral hygiene in order to prevent tooth decay and gum infections. Proper hygiene includes brushing, flossing and rinsing gently but effectively on a daily basis. While this level of hygiene is especially important during pregnancy, everyone needs to maintain these habits for healthy gums and teeth, and the most affordable dental bill possible. Having an affordable dental plan in place is most helpful in getting the professional help needed in fighting gingivitis as cheaply as possible. Another helpful tip for mothers experiencing prenatal gingivitis is to replace sugary foods with more healthy options such as fruits, nuts, cheese and vegetables.

Treating for Sore Gums

An expectant mother may be able to ward off gingivitis, but it is doubtful that she will be able to prevent sore gums altogether. A helpful way to treat sore gums is to place ice on the affected areas, which aids in numbing as well as reducing inflammation. Also, pain relievers can be helpful but need to be approved by your physician first, to protect your unborn child. Some suggested medications may include glyoxide, peroxyl mouth rinse, amosan oral rinse, anbesol liquid, and oral numbing gel. While these are helpful in treating sore gums, nothing can replace the prevention and help received at an affordable dentist's office – which is why having an affordable dental plan is so important!

Surprisingly, an expectant mother’s mouth takes quite a beating during pregnancy to the effect of a 50-75% chance of developing gingivitis! A reassuring truth is that prenatal gingivitis is preventable through proper oral hygiene and the use of an affordable dental plan at your dentist. The best way to prevent prenatal gingivitis is to be aware of your risk and to have good oral hygiene habits before your pregnancy takes place! Brushing, flossing, and having an affordable dental plan that allows access to a qualified dentist are the simple steps you can take in order to maintain good oral health during your pregnancy.

Affordable Dental Care Solutions

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