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How to Find a Senior Dental Discount

Finding Senior Dental Discount

The cost of senior dental care is getting higher and higher. As Social Security stays the same, the cost of everything else rises and it becomes difficult for a senior to know how to afford oral care. A senior who has dentures needs them adjusted from time to time but just that simple procedure is expensive. How can a senior citizen afford to go to the dentist with such high expenses?

The situation is tough but not hopeless. There are ways to save money on your senior dental care. One way a senior might attempt to save is by signing up for insurance. However, a problem with traditional PPO or Indemnity Plans is the monthly cost. Monthly premiums do not always balance out with the actual benefit received for seniors, but since they are accustomed to insurance, seniors feel safer signing up for it. However, they’re usually not taking into account the many restrictions with this option for senior dental work. The whole process can be very confusing.

Learn about Affordable Dental Plans

Senior Dental Discount Plan

Dental Discount Plans are a less known option but work incredibly well; especially for a senior! Seniors are often not sure what to think about this option because of their unfamiliarity, but they are actually very helpful and much simpler than insurance. A discount dental plan will only charge a low monthly fee—even for senior dental care! Seniors also save 15-60% off their fees at the dentist. This makes a discount plan a win-win-win for all parties involved. It helps you pay your dentist bills. Discount plans also cut down on administration cost for Dentists and allows them to get more money up front instead of having to wait on insurance companies to pay them. And, finally, discount plans are a win for the companies supplying the plans since they do not have to reimburse costs to the dentist office. You, the dentists and the plan provider win without the headaches and hassles associated with insurance.

Since insurance is not helpful for anyone other than the insurance company, it is easy to see why some discount plans have added millions of members. The Careington International Corporation has added over 7 million people to their program. Careington has even designed some plans for other companies such as Humana and Aetna. Smaller Discount companies such as Ameriplan still have around 1 million members themselves.

The best way to make sure that you have a good discount program for your senior dental care is to see what you’ll actually pay. The list of these prices is typically called the “fee schedule.” Be very careful not to get on a plan in which you can’t see the full schedule since there are plans which have decent sample schedules but they lack in actual total savings. Especially as a senior, you’ll want to find a plan that shows you the prices for procedures you anticipate such as crowns, bridges, dentures, etc.

Do some research. You might find an option that would save you more than you expected!

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