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Tooth Loss Linked to Multiple Cancers

By Susan Braden

tooth loss link to cancer in Japanese patients need discount dental care

Cooperating Japanese researchers from Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine and Aichi Cancer Center in Nagoya found a correlation between many cancers and the loss of teeth. Their study linked the loss of teeth to esophageal, head, neck, and lung cancers. If discount dental work is available, tooth preservation can become much easier to afford for patients, and dentists can help them reduce the risks of developing these cancers.

Study results

These researchers measured the chances of developing one of 14 cancers, and evaluated this risk against of the rate of tooth loss in 5,240 Japanese cancer patients. Then comparing this rate to that of 10,480 cancer free volunteers, these scientists discovered that patients who had lost teeth were 136% more at risk for developing esophageal cancer. Also, patients who had lost teeth had a 68% greater risk of developing head and neck cancers, and a 54% greater chance of developing lung cancer. Researchers also discovered that the risk of cancer increased in direct proportion to the number of teeth that had been lost. The scientists evaluated this information in light of each patient’s previous smoking and alcohol history, if any.

What do these results mean?

The study results confirmed that tooth loss is linked to many cancers. Akio Hiraki, a researcher at the Aichi Cancer Center, noted: “Tooth loss is a common consequence of chronic bacterial infection and may, therefore, serve as a surrogate for chronic infection and inflammation, which in turn may be important to the pathogenesis of cancer.”

This research makes it apparent that maintaining your oral health is crucial to your overall body health. By simply taking proper care of your teeth, you can significantly lower your risk of developing several forms of cancer. There are many ways you can receive discount dentistry care. You may want to research dental insurance alternatives online to find a discount plan that can help you meet your oral needs.

Learn about Affordable Dental Plans

Japan’s study demonstrated that the loss of teeth is directly related to the development of multiple cancers. In view of this high risk, the importance of taking care of your teeth cannot be stressed enough. See your local dentist and get advice on how to best care for your mouth. If you need help paying for your dentist visits, you may be able to find a discount dental plan in your area that can make your procedures more affordable. Make your oral health a priority, and save yourself the hardship of diseases that can result from oral neglect.

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