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If your dental pearly whites are not so pearly or white anymore, your dental culprit is probably not just coffee or smoking. Careington dentists are here to help – read on for Careington 1 Dental advice about what could be causing your dental tooth stains.

A recent dental article by Kimberly Harms, D.D.S., a member dentist of the American Dental Association, lists the common factors causing dental tooth stains that may never have crossed your mind before. Visit a Careington dentist as soon as possible if your teeth are stained due to these factors!

Tooth Stains

A key contributor to your dental tooth stains may be simply age and genetic factors. Some people have genetically thick, bright dental enamel, but even as people age, the dental tooth enamel wears thinner and the naturally yellow-brown color of the dentin underneath begins to show through your teeth. A Careington dentist may be able to recommend the best Careington dental discounted procedures to strengthen your teeth.

Too much of a good thing really can be a bad thing, as excessive fluoride may be another culprit causing your dental tooth stains. Excessive fluoride intake can result from drinking water containing too much fluoride or from the use of too much fluoride-containing toothpaste on your teeth. Excessive fluoride intake may be somewhat rare and more of a threat to children – regardless it can create chalky white spots on the teeth. Check with a Careington dentist or a Careington pediatric dentist to determine if fluoride is staining your teeth or your children's teeth.

Dental damage and painful dental procedures can also traumatize a tooth, causing it to discolor over time. This discoloration can happen to the teeth of both children and adults – visit the highly-credentialed Careington dentist in your area if a prior dental procedure has caused your tooth harm.

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You may know that tea and coffee stain the teeth, but they are not the only dark drinks with potential to turn a snowy-white set of teeth into a tainted mess! Red wine, fruit juice, some dark sodas and even beer (the acidic properties of which can damage teeth) can cause teeth to become yellow. Rinsing the mouth with water after drinking dark beverages can help prevent such stains, as can drinking through a straw. A Careington dentist may be able to recommend whitening procedures to remove this type of tooth stains.

Colorful drinks are not the only hazard to your white teeth. Colorful foods can stain enamel just as badly! Many dark foods, primarily dark fruits and vegetables, may be good for your health, but since they can stain the teeth, you should brush your teeth as soon as possible after eating them. At your Careington dentist, be sure to receive regular cleanings to ensure these stains are removed.

Lastly, sometimes stains are caused by simply negligence and poor oral hygiene. Forgetting to floss or brushing incorrectly allows the bacteria to grow that commonly results in yellow stains. Proper oral hygiene and timely visits to a Careington dentist can go a long way to prevent bacteria stains, as well as the aforementioned stains in this article.

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If you have other questions about the state of your teeth, feel free to call a Careington representative for a listing of a Careington dentist in your area!

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