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How to Get Enough Vitamin D During Pregnancy

By Susan Braden

affordable dental work for kids starts with enough vitamin D

A study from the University of Manitoba in Canada shows a direct correlation between mothers who did not consume enough vitamin D during pregnancy and decreased oral health of their newborns’ incoming teeth.

According to Science Daily, of the 206 women in their second trimester who participated in the study, only 21 were found to have a healthy amount of vitamin D in their systems. The moms with this deficiency delivered babies who had significantly more problems with their teeth, such as weaker tooth enamel and a higher occurrence of tooth decay.

This nutrient helps the body absorb calcium, which is important for building strong bones and teeth. An adequate intake of vitamin D during pregnancy is crucial to ensure newborns have strong, healthy teeth.

If you are an expecting mother, here are a few ways you can include enough vitamin D in your diet, and a few ways to help your child receive enough after birth.

  • Drink whole milk or soy milk.

  • Eat breakfast cereal, eggs, and fatty fish such as salmon and tuna.

  • If you choose to breastfeed once your child is born, consider substituting formula occasionally, as it contains more vitamin D than breast milk. These extra vitamins will help your child’s teeth to develop as healthily as possible for the most affordable care at a dentist.

  • Take your small child out in the sunshine a little bit every day. The sunlight will naturally increase the amount of this nutrient in your child’s skin. Do not keep your child too long in the sun without sunscreen – just a bit of sunlight will allow your child to produce the right amount of vitamin D that a little body needs.

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These are some easy ways moms-to-be and new mothers can ensure that their babies get plenty of vitamin D. The proper amount of this nutrient will allow children to develop strong teeth.

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