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What Causes Bad Breath Among Teens?

By Susan B.

Teens have many life and health issues to navigate in today's world, and many don't spend enough time thinking about oral hygiene. One of the common problems that teens encounter is bad breath -- this may be due to poor oral hygiene and other potential factors. Read on for the details about the common oral causes of teen bad breath.

Poor Oral Hygiene

 Poor oral hygiene may be a the primary cause of teen poor-smelling breath. Leftover food particles can easily collect and remain on or in between teeth -- the bacteria will continue to rot if a teen's teeth are not properly brushed and flossed. Teenagers often stay up late and sleep in and may not think their time will afford proper oral hygiene on a regular basis. If they choose to believe this, rotten food particles may emit a foul smell to their peers, teachers and parents.

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However, this cause of teen bad breath can be prevented by brushing at least twice daily and by flossing at night. Also, teens should swish their mouths out with a mouthwash containing fluoride to help loosen any lingering food particles. Considering all the money teen's parents may save due to a a lack of abscesses or cavities, teens should be aware of the reality that preventative dental care is truly the most affordable dental solution to help their families cut back in this difficult economic time.

Decay Due to Lack of Affordable Dental Care

Affordable dental care is important, and many parents are struggling to find a dental plan that their wallet can afford for their teen's best oral health. If a teen's parents do not have a plan to help cut the cost of necessary oral care, then a teen's oral health may suffer -- leading to unpleasant bad breath that will impact those around them.

Strong or Spicy Foods

These types of foods can be a factor causing poor-smelling breath. Not only can popular, teen-friendly spicy foods contribute to poor-smelling breath, but their odor can often linger for 2-3 days in the body after the food has been eaten. The odor from these foods can be expelled from the lungs and through pores after the food is absorbed into the bloodstream.


Teens may begin a bad habit of smoking during their adolescent years. When teens smoke tar from cigarettes, nicotine can create dental buildup on their teeth and other mouth surfaces. Also, smoking inhibits saliva flow, causing a dry mouth. This lack of saliva leads to dental bacteria growing in the mouth, leading to poor-smelling breath. There are not many affordable dental solutions to the permanent teeth stains caused by smoking, but an affordable dental plan may help a teen and their parents afford oral restorative procedures.

Poor-smelling breath is a problem that many teens have to deal with and at worst may require a less than affordable dental cost to the family budget. A teen who maintains proper oral health through brushing and flossing, however, may ensure that bad breath does not often develop. Also, regular trips to the dentist for cleanings, an affordable dental plan, and proper preventative care are recommended for adolescents throughout their teenage years.

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