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What to Do Before Losing Weight? Invest in Your Smile with an Affordable Dental Plan

By Susan Braden

Before Losing Weight, Invest in an Affordable Dental Plan

By this time of year, many of us have planned our summer vacations, put away the winter clothes and realized that our summer wardrobe does not fit as well as it did last season! Americans gain an average of 2lbs. a year, so it is not surprising that your Bermuda shorts from last summer may not be not quite as slimming this year.

Losing weight is fairly simple through diet and exercise, but even these simple steps take a major commitment. Before you say, “I’ve already tried, and I cannot do it!” understand that there are actually some fun steps you can take to invest in yourself before starting to eat right and exercise.

Do not be afraid to pamper yourself in ways that do not involve food before beginning a diet and exercise regimen – these investments will motivate you to start the pattern of treating your body right! Here are two key ways to invest in yourself before committing to lose weight.

Invest in a Great Smile Using an Affordable Dental Plan

Feeling great about looking good is a great motivator to stick with the other disciplines it takes to lose weight. First, go to your dentist and get your teeth cleaned, maybe even whitened. If you do not have dental insurance, you may want to investigate an affordable dental plan online. An affordable dental plan will allow you to see the dentist for a discounted price. An affordable dental plan can help you get your mouth under control, so your smile will look fantastic, and eating healthy will be more enjoyable!

Invest in a Fun Makeover

Second, get your hair cut and colored. A new-do can be a perspective-changing force, and really help you feel like correcting other habits to get the rest of your body in line with your new look! Other mini-makeover steps you can take to invest in yourself are going to the nail salon, getting your makeup done, and going to the spa. These little indulgences will make you feel great and look great too.

Learn about Affordable Dental Plans

By feeling good about how you already look – your smile through your affordable dental plan, and your hair and nails through the salon – you will gain energy to work on the health steps that will require more discipline. If you begin to look and feel like a person who eats healthy and exercises, then you will begin to eat healthy and exercise!

The key to transforming your dietary habits is to transform your perspective on who you are as a person. If you believe that you cannot eat right or that you cannot exercise, then you will not! However, if you change your attitude and your perspective about who you are, you can eat right and you can exercise successfully. Part of changing your perspective may require an fun investment in yourself.

Buy into the person you want to be, and you can become it. Do not be afraid to go to the dentist to get your smile into shape, and to get a new look at the salon. Start transforming yourself today into the person that not only can fit into last year’s Bermuda shorts, but who also has the confidence to be a person you can respect.

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