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Top 5 Men's Health Questions

Though stereotypically women may ask more questions than men, that does not excuse men from asking good questions. More and more people are becoming aware of healthy eating, exercise and other lifestyle habits – including men. Some health issues however are specific to men, and men often do have questions about their own health and well being. Check out the the top 5 questions that men are asking about their health.

How Do I Keep from Balding?

Hair loss is caused by both genetic and non-genetic factors. Before balding sets in and your next step seems a mystery, understand that genetics is not the main cause of hair loss but a lack of nutrients! The #1 cause of hair loss is absorption of CO2 — for your health, stop drinking the pop! It will not only increase your waistline but also encourage the retreat of your hairline.

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How Can I Keep from Losing My Teeth?

Keeping your teeth safe is a three-step process! First, be sure to brush. It sounds simple but dentists have told us for years that simple brushing habits can save you from expenses like crowns and root canals that could place you and your family in a dire financial strait. Step two is to floss — you would be surprised how gross your mouth really is without flossing (just ask your dentist!) While brushing removes the bacteria from the top and sides of your teeth, flossing keeps bacteria from staying trapped in between your teeth.

How Do I Stay in Shape with the Least Amount of Effort?

Getting in shape is not easy, but there are ways to hit your fitness health goals when you know what they are, so take the time to set practical goals!

If you hope to become physically stronger and increase muscle mass, then weight training is your best choice. If your goal is to strengthen cardio then try running or cycling. If your goal is flexibility then yoga or pilates are often most helpful.

What Are the Warning Signs of Prostate Cancer?

A man should have his PSA level checked if he has any of the following warning signs of prostate cancer:

1. A change in urination patterns lasting two weeks
2. Frequent urination (especially at night)
3. Persistent pain in the back, hip, pelvis or thighs 4. Burning sensation during urination
5. Inability to urinate or difficulty starting urination
6. Weak or interrupted urine flow
7. Painful urination.

There is significant controversy as to whether or when a man with none of these symptoms should have his PSA level checked. It is recommended that men should be tested first at age 40. After your initial screening, discuss the frequency of future testing with your physician. If your father, brother, uncle or grandfather has been diagnosed with prostate cancer then for your health you should start PSA testing at age 35.

How Much Do Women Care About Good Dental Hygiene?

Women do not like ugly men — they appreciate handsome ones. When a guy has a mouth that makes him look like the punching dummy from the latest Rocky movie he is not appealing. Straight teeth and white teeth typically look best on a guy.

Breath freshness is also important to women. Brushing and flossing cut down the amount of bacteria on your teeth and tongue that cause bad breath and poor dental health. Oral hygiene is a basic step in being appealing to the woman in your life.

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