Affordable dental plan options are totally available to you if you’re in need of dental care. If you’re like me and have often been betrayed by your sweet tooth, a…

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The Best Foods For Your Teeth

Affordable dental plan options are totally available to you if you’re in need of dental care. If you’re like me and have often been betrayed by your sweet tooth, a discount dental plan can be a helpful option to investigate.

However, aside from an affordable dental plan, what measures can you take to prevent tooth decay and promote healthy teeth? The best answer to this question, other than brushing and flossing, is to understand what foods promote healthy teeth. If you have weak teeth or like sweets a little too much, eating the foods listed below will really help you!


Water washes away harmful bacteria and reduces the level of acidity in your mouth. Water also allows the rest of your body to function properly, thus helping your body take care of its own teeth. Water helps the immune system, brain, digestive system and saliva production. Drinking plenty of water is a great first step to promote healthy teeth.milk


The calcium in milk strengthens your teeth and reduces acidity in your mouth. If you’re unsure what kind of milk to get, choose milk that is fortified with vitamin D because it allows your body and bones to better absorb the calcium. If you’re unable to drink milk, you can take calcium and vitamin D supplements or drink vitamin D-enriched juice. You can also find vitamin D in fish and enriched cereals.


Cheese contains low amounts of carbohydrates and high amounts of calcium and phosphate, providing several benefits for your teeth. It helps balance your mouth’s pH, which is important because a too-acidic pH encourages the growth of cavity-causing bacteria. Cheese also protects tooth enamel and produces saliva, which kills the bacteria that cause cavities and gum disease. Want to make sure you’re getting your daily dose of this delicious snack? Try replacing your after-dinner dessert with a cube of cheese instead.


Garlic is a great bacteria killer and is best eaten raw for maximum potency. If you can’t stomach chomping on a raw clove of garlic, adding roasted garlic to your foods will still help kill bacteria in your mouth. However, remember that garlic can also negatively affect your breath, so keep some fresh mint handy to add to your tea or water as a neutralizer for your breath.


Celery and other crunchy vegetables encourage saliva production, which reduces cavity-causing bacteria in your mouth. Additionally, rough vegetables scrub your teeth and stimulate your gums, reducing plaque and periodontal problems.

What you eat and drink can directly benefit your body. If you want to promote healthy teeth, start eating a little more out of these kinds of foods and liquids. If you already have problems, go to the dentist! Waiting to see a dentist will only increase existing problems. If you can’t afford it, go to 1Dental for an affordable dental plan that will help you get to a good dentist for a good price today!

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