We at 1Dental.com are pleased to announce that the long-awaited Mom’s Guide to Caring for Little Teeth will be published in just a few weeks! To tide you over, I…

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Mom Blogger Talks About Toothbrushes and Smiley Charts

We at 1Dental.com are pleased to announce that the long-awaited Mom’s Guide to Caring for Little Teeth will be published in just a few weeks! To tide you over, I had the privilege of interviewing the wonderful Kristy, of the Pampers and Pinot blog. Here’s what she said about toothbrushes, smiley charts and modeling good dental health:

What have you done to teach your kids how to brush their teeth?

I had Parker pick out his own electric toothbrush – Thomas the Train.  We use “Toy Story” toothpaste, which he loves.  We all brush our teeth together at night and have lots of fun with it.  We keep it positive.  If a little extra encouragement is needed, we remind him that he gets a “smiley” on his chart for brushing his teeth.  I think just always setting that example early on and modeling the behavior has helped the most.

What helpful tips would you give to other moms?

If anything is ever taken to bed or left in the room at night, it should only be water!  Don’t create any bad habits of juice or milk after teeth brushing.

How do you encourage your kids to take care of their teeth?

We brush our teeth as a family.  Otherwise, at the early age of two, it really is mostly about us, as parents, fostering good habits and modeling the right behaviors.

What would you personally like to know about your kids’ dental health?

At what age is the right time for a trip to the dentist?

We’ll answer this question and a lot more in our upcoming Mom’s Guide to Caring for Little Teeth!

What would YOU like to know about dental health for kids?

Let us know your questions, and we’ll do our best to address them in the Mom’s Guide!

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  3. This site is a great idea. Can’t wait to learn more. I’d be interested in the answer to this question: When do you know when your child’s toothache is really serious? My son is 3 and complained of tooth pain for about a week and hasn’t mentioned it since. I don’t see any spots normally associated with cavities and we’ve been trying to be good about brushing and flossing his teeth. Any ideas on what that was about?

  4. I’m with Emily…at what age can they REALLY brush their teeth on their own? My son is 5 and he’ll brush his teeth himself, but then I brush them right after. I was also wondering the same as Kristy about what age to take your kids first trip to the dentist? Thanks for this blog, it is really helpful!

  5. This was helpful. I’m wondering… at what age are most kids able to brush independently? My 5 year old daughter usually brushes her own teeth, but one of us gets in there about 3 times per week for a good tooth-brushing! Do you think she’s too young for that much independence, though?

  6. As a mom of 2 young children I’m always worried I’m not taking good enough care of their teeth. I’ll be tuning into this blog on a regular basis!

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