Gift-giving is not always easy. It is especially a challenge when you are battling health problems or vision failure, or when you worry about driving on the slick and possibly…

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Thoughtful Gifts When You Can’t Leave the House

Gift-giving is not always easy. It is especially a challenge when you are battling health problems or vision failure, or when you worry about driving on the slick and possibly icy roads. Here, we have a list of simple, yet thoughtful present ideas for when you can’t leave the house:


A simple, delightful treat for Christmas that can bring a sparkle to anyone’s eyes.

  • Cookies – what better gift than a tin of yumminess?
  • Tea kit – a mug with several different tea bags in it.
  • Soup in a jar – all of the ingredients, uncooked, in a jar. They just have to cook it!
  • Homemade cookie mix in a jar – all of the dry ingredients needed to make cookies that are measured and ready.
  • Hot cocoa mix – you can add some marshmallows and fun mugs to this.
  • Homemade Candy – always a big hit!

Do It Yourself

Things made from hand make for some of the most meaningful gifts.

  • Knitting & Sewing – you can make a number of things: hats, scarves, potholders, socks, aprons, dishtowels, quilts, pillows, etc.! (All made with love, of course.)
  • Woodwork
    • Toys – much like those in Santa’s workshop, kids would love little wooden trinkets to play with.
    • Furniture – one of my favorite presents was a mirror frame my grandpa made me.


Anything from cards to a painting! People always love beautiful and unique presents.


Things like this are special for their sentimental value.


Do you have gently-used tools lying around that someone would enjoy having?


Whether you make jewelry at home for someone or give them something you already have, jewelry makes a great gift!


You can put this in the form of a locket, an old frame, a favored wallet, etc.


You can put several of them in a small box for a practical and meaningful (not to mention yummy) Christmas gift!

Old favorite toys and books

You never know who might get just as much joy from the very same things you did!


If you don’t have any luck finding or making something, here are a couple of alternatives:

Online Shopping

Almost every store nowadays has a website where you can buy things and have them shipped to your front door. You don’t even have to leave your chair; just grab your computer! You can even purchase one of our affordable discount dental plans for a family member if you know they’re in need of something to help cover the cost of their dental care.

Family Drivers

Plan a shopping day with a loved one who wouldn’t mind taking you to do your Christmas shopping. Or, if you still don’t think you can get out of the house for the day, give a loved one some money to go do your Christmas shopping for you. Who knows, you may have an avid shopper in the family who would jump at the opportunity!


These are just a few ideas to get your creativity flowing. Christmas time is a great opportunity to utilize any special talents or skills you have in the form of a present – crafts, cooking, etc. It might make Christmas even sweeter.

What are some gifts you’ve given when you couldn’t leave the house?

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