Updated: 1/22/2020 Dental health is often overlooked. One reason it gets neglected is the busyness of life. People have lives filled with early morning meetings, appointments, playdates, soccer games and…

Dental Health in the Workplace

How to Improve Dental Health in the Workplace

Updated: 1/22/2020

Dental health is often overlooked. One reason it gets neglected is the busyness of life. People have lives filled with early morning meetings, appointments, playdates, soccer games and meals that need cooking. In the midst of the chaos, it’s hard to keep up with a small thing like dental health.

While it may seem small, in reality, dental health affects your overall health much more than you may realize. Untreated dental problems – or simply ignored dental habits – can lead to serious health issues of various kinds.

For that reason, it’s crucially important to take care of dental health – even when it feels like you don’t have time. A great way to maintain good oral hygiene is to keep up dental habits in the workplace.

1. Dental Health for an Individual

Maybe you don’t work in an office, or you are self-employed. If so, we’ve got some great tips so that you can stay on top of your dental health on-the-job.

  • Keep Dental Supplies Nearby to Improve Dental Health in the WorkplaceKeep Dental Supplies Nearby. Whether it’s in your desk drawer, the glovebox of your car or a personal bag that you carry, try keeping dental supplies nearby. Things to keep on hand include:
    • Toothbrush
    • Toothpaste
    • Dental Floss
    • Mouthwash
  • Drink Less Sugary Drinks. Beverages such as soda or energy drinks contain an incredible amount of sugar, which can start to decay your teeth quickly. Even drinks like tea and coffee can damage your teeth by staining them. It can be hard to push through the afternoon lull without a caffeine boost, but try these alternatives to give you energy instead.
  • Don’t Smoke on Your Break. Smoking is one of the worst habits for your teeth – and your health in general. Try limiting the amount of times you smoke each day by not smoking while on the clock.

2. Dental Health for Corporations

There are several things companies can implement to promote good dental health. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Drink Water for Better Dental Health in the Workplace

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    Provide Dental-Friendly Snacks. Some companies simply have vending machines with typical candy and junk food available, while others provide a variety of snacks on a weekly basis. A great way that businesses can promote dental health is to provide snacks and drinks that are healthy for a person’s mouth, as well as sugar-free gum.

  • Encourage Employees to Drink Water. This can be done in many ways, including:
    • Posting a fun reminder on the fridge.
    • Buying less soda, coffee, tea and other beverages that can be harmful to an employee’s dental health.
    • Have team managers and supervisors set the pace.
    • Hold a contest on who can drink 8 glasses of water per day the longest.
  • Make Oral Hygiene a Part of the Onboarding Process. Unless the job requires it, obviously you can’t force employees to take care of their teeth. But, as more people are hired, you can make it a point to inform them of the importance of representing the company well by having good oral hygiene.

While maintaining good dental health can be challenging, it’s not impossible. Especially while we are at work – with snacks and caffeine just wanting our attention – we need to be aware of the need to take careful care of our teeth.

We hope these tips have helped you and given you inspiration for ways to improve dental health in the workplace.

Do you have tips for taking care of your teeth at work? We’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below!

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