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1Dental was founded in 1998 by Randall Meinen with the intent of helping individuals and families find affordable dental care for all of their dental health needs. This has been accomplished through a partnership with Careington International and the offering of the most affordable, reputable and longstanding dental savings program of dental plans.

Following the 1Dental blog, you can stay up-to-date on dental and health news, learn tips for improving your dental and overall health and discover great tips for how to save money on dental care.

For parents, learn tips for helping your kids take care of their teeth, teaching them about dental care through fun avenues of entertainment—books, movies, etc.—find out what some of the best dentists are doing with their dental offices and much more.

For seniors, find out how to take care of your teeth as you age, great tips on how to save on your dental care and some helpful exercises and activities to try to stay active, among other topics of interest.

For the working individual or parent, learn how you can keep up with your dental routine even in the midst of a busy work schedule and social life.

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Learn About the Writers for the 1Dental Blog

Katie Gayle

Author for 1Dental Blog Katie Gayle

Katie is 1Dental’s copywriter and social media marketer. She aims to promote dental health through new blog posts and social media updates and outreach. Katie is also planning on finishing her bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies within the year. You’ll find her posting regularly on 1Dental’s social pages: FacebookTwitter and Pinterest.

Natasha Gayle

Natasha Gayle

Natasha is 1Dental’s managing editor and copywriter, focusing content on dental and health news, advice and tips.  She graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication and has since been a book editor and now copywriter and managing editor on dental and health. You can find her on Twitter and all of 1Dental’s social networks.





Meredith Jolly

Meredith Jolly

Meredith is an SEO Specialist for 1Dental, and previously spent just over two years working as a Customer Service Rep in our call center. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Marketing in June 2015 from Thomas Edison State College and has transferred to our SEO team to put her Marketing skills to work. She also regularly contributes to our blog in hopes of promoting dental health habits.

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