Updated: 1/23/2020 Have you ever noticed bad breath in the morning or woken up with a cold sore? Have you noticed either of these issues in your child? Most of…

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5 Embarrassing Oral Health Issues That Aren’t Very Embarrassing

Updated: 1/23/2020

Have you ever noticed bad breath in the morning or woken up with a cold sore? Have you noticed either of these issues in your child? Most of us have! These oral health issues tend to be really embarrassing, but they’re very common. All of us have dealt with them at one time or another.

Don’t be embarrassed if you or your child experiences one of these 5 embarrassing oral health issues listed below. As you read, you’ll see how easy they are to treat and be one step closer to solving the oral health problems you may be dealing with!

Tooth Erosion

If you’ve ever had an ice cream cone and suddenly felt intense tooth pain, you could be dealing with erosion. Tooth erosion is when the protective enamel of our teeth is weakened and stripped away, causing sensitivity and even chipped or cracked teeth. Erosion is very common and is easy to treat. Brushing with fluoride toothpaste, flossing and visiting the dentist are all ways to treat and prevent tooth erosion.

Bad Breath

Although having bad breath can be really embarrassing, it’s very common and very treatable – you can even try natural remedies. The cause is typically from food being left in the mouth as a result of bad brushing and flossing. Improving these much needed oral hygiene habits is the best way to get rid of bad breath.

If you’re a parent and your kid is struggling with bad breath, start there. Many times, our kids haven’t formed the best brushing and flossing habits and can struggle with this.

Bad breath can also be caused by certain medical conditions and even diet. If you or your child go to the dentist and are given a clean bill of oral health, you might need to investigate these options further.

Tooth Decay

Dealing with tooth decay is stressful, painful, embarrassing and complicated (especially if you’re a parent needing to get your kid to a dentist during school). Like bad breath and erosion, the best way to avoid tooth decay is regular flossing and brushing. It would also be a good idea to stay away from acidic and sugary foods as these types of foods cause significantly more tooth decay than others.

Taking yourself and your kids for regular dentist’s visits will greatly improve the chances of avoiding tooth decay.

Receding Gums

Don’t be embarrassed if you start to notice your gums receding. This is a common problem. It’s best to visit your dentist immediately to figure out the source of the recession. Some dentists say brushing too aggressively with a toothbrush that has medium to hard bristles can cause this problem. Switching to a toothbrush with softer bristles could help you see some improvement.

However, a severe case of receding gums could be the beginning stages of periodontal disease, so it’s best to see your dentist regularly to prevent and treat this condition.

Mouth Sores

Most of us have been in this type of situation. It’s picture day at school and your child wakes up with a mouth sore. Or maybe it’s time for a family reunion and we wake up with a mouth sore! This is one of the more obvious oral health problems most people deal with so there’s no need to be embarrassed.

Whether you have a canker sore (develops on the inside of the mouth) or a cold sore (develops around the outside of the mouth), there are plenty of over-the-counter ways to alleviate pain, discomfort and embarrassment. If you frequently have issues with mouth sores, talk to your doctor about getting something to treat outbreaks.


It’s good to know these oral health problems aren’t that embarrassing. Most of us have dealt with these issues and they are very treatable. The best way to prevent you and your children from dealing with these problems is to brush, floss and see the dentist regularly. So, don’t be embarrassed! Just go for a quick check up to solve the problem.

What “embarrassing” oral health problems have you dealt with? How did you prevent and treat these? Share your experience in the comment section below.

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