You didn’t think I’d let you go all Christmas without knowing how we celebrated the holiday at 1Dental, did you? Well, here it is. After rescheduling our Christmas party three… logo

You didn’t think I’d let you go all Christmas without knowing how we celebrated the holiday at 1Dental, did you? Well, here it is. After rescheduling our Christmas party three times because of ice and snow (we don’t deal with snow and ice very well in Texas), we finally had our office Christmas party. In preparation for this event, the employees here at 1Dental got into the Christmas spirit by decorating for 1Dental’s desk-decorating contest, which took place at the Christmas party.

We had a lot of great decorations this year because there was a lot of work and attention to detail that went into each desk. Here are our winners and other contestants:

First Place: Christmas at the Movies

Our IT department put forth a great collaborative effort to make their office the best. Each employee picked their favorite Christmas movie and decorated their desk to match.

The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

The Grinch Who Stole Christmas





A Charlie Brown Christmas






A White Christmas






A Christmas Story






It’s a Wonderful Life












Second Place: Snowcano

We were all a bit awestruck as the Snowcano was put up in the office. Our customer care representatives had some fun working in the Snowcano for a couple of weeks before the party.






Third Place: Tacky Christmas

Most of us found it hard to see straight as we walked into the Tacky Christmas office, but the lights were fun and definitely Christmas-y so of course they got several votes.






Redneck Christmas

We all couldn’t help but laugh as we walked through the sales representatives side of the office with their Redneck Christmas theme. There were so many great quotes and special items placed strategically around each of their desks.






A Christmas House

Tucked back behind the Snowcano, this little Christmas house still had a warm fire and lots of presents around the tree. It even had a cute little door at the front.






The Night Before Christmas

This team really got into this project. They even built part of a wall that they put up around their desks to make The Night Before Christmas come alive.







While uncertain of what this desk was going to be at first, Narnia soon began to take form as the lamp post and shield were put into place, not to mention the signs telling all that they had entered the world of Narnia.









It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Very cute and clever, It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas served as a great entrance into work everyday as our secretary put up the decorations.





Log Cabin

While some went to great lengths to decorate their desk for the contest, one of our employees found that he could merely borrow a toy from his children and it would do the trick. He even added some antlers at the end to make it appear a bit more Christmas-y.






Which one is your favorite? Leave us your vote in the comment section below. 

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  1. Snowcanoe and Narnia were my favs. Snocanoe gets extra credit for producing an invented history and faux documentary to accompany the installation.

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