As the price of dental care continues to increase, fewer people are seeing the dentist. However, proper dental care continues to be an important part of everyday health. Many people are not receiving the care needed because they simply cannot afford it. The result is a decline in both oral and overall health. In fact, many people seek low cost dental care by unconventional means- performing it themselves. One dental procedure often attempted at home is a tooth extraction.

Extracting at Home

Toothaches are a nagging irritant, especially when refusing to go away on their own. Toothaches can indicate infection and a need to have a tooth pulled.  However, many who are unable to pay a dentist opt to self-perform extraction of a trouble tooth to eliminate the problem.

The issue with an at-home tooth extraction is that regardless of its affordability, extracting a tooth without the proper training and tools can be very dangerous and actually end up causing more pain. In addition, there is increased risk of worsening an infection or breaking the tooth.

Dentists highly discourage pulling a tooth at home because complications are more likely to occur in doing so. These include breaking the tooth before the root or breaking a surrounding tooth, infection and abscess.

Affordable Options

If a tooth is causing pain from infection or appears loose, a professional extraction is the wisest option for relief. There are several affordable options that will fix the problem without breaking the bank.

  • Payment plans: Many dental offices will allow payment plans, where portions of a procedure cost are paid at a time. Over the course of the plan, the full price will eventually be paid, but it allows more time to get the money.
  • Dental clinics: Many areas have local dental clinics that can offer discounted dental care to those who can’t afford to pay full price. A lot of these clinics operate on a sliding scale, where they determine the price paid by an individual’s income.
  • Discount dental plan: Discount plans are a cheap alternative to insurance. For a very low monthly price, you can save between 20% and 60% off of tooth extractions and other dental services.

Though getting a tooth pulled can be very costly, it can be detrimental to overall health if left alone. At-home extraction is also not recommended, as it is painful and dangerous. The best option is always to seek out a dentist and to remember than regular cleanings can prevent conditions from worsening that may lead to a tooth even needing to be extracted.

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