Unemployment continues to hover slightly above 10% since October of 2009 – a 100% increase since 2007. As mergers, pay-cuts and lay-offs become an ever-present reality with no exceptions or loyalties, independently preparing for a “rainy-day” is a good idea to say the least. Understanding the times and learning how to adapt equals survival for you and your family. By following the five steps below, you’ll discover levels of financial security and independence that will allow you to survive in an uncertain economy.

How to Win at the Dentist

From your wallet to your mouth itself, going to the dentist can be a real pain. Most people do not enjoy visits to the dentist office and put them off for as long as possible. However, delaying your dentist visit can often lead to more extensive work to get your mouth in shape, and to more exorbitant costs for difficult procedures – not to mention if you have to see a specialist!

You may have never considered “going green,” or you may have thought it a lifestyle that only wealthy people can afford, but in reality, making some simple lifestyle changes can help you save money and save the planet! Read through these 5 practical tips, and discover changes you can feel great about.

Building Your Financial Profile

Check out this great article on the best ways to build your financial profile and be truly successful in finding prosperity.  This article by Michelle Singletary from the Washington Post,…

Dental Emergency. Use a Discount Dental Plan Immediately!

Toothaches always seem to come at inopportune times, but you can’t ignore the pain. Sometimes the ache hits during the weekend, when you’re unable to get dental help. It might…

Writing Check for Cheap, Affordable Dental Care

According to a recent poll in June 2009, 35% of those surveyed said they or another member of their household skipped dentist visits or checkups due to cost. Most likely, this number has increased dramatically in the last several months. So, is there no way to continue having necessary oral work done even in an economy like this? Is there any cheap option available?

Caring for Oral Health

I have always been a sort of lackadaisical dental hygienist.  I’ll brush once a night and floss once in a blue moon, and as I have gotten older I have…

Dental Xray

Whether caused by a car accident, gum disease or any other tooth-damaging injury, tooth implants are more than just a cosmetic addition. Often they are a necessity to achieve the…