Updated: 1/28/2020 The New Year is generally a time to organize. People want a fresh start – new plans, new goals, new budgets…the list goes on and on. It’s common…

A Senior’s Dental Checklist for the New Year

Updated: 1/28/2020

The New Year is generally a time to organize. People want a fresh start – new plans, new goals, new budgets…the list goes on and on. It’s common to want to prepare for the upcoming year, and sometimes it’s difficult with your annual dental and health plans ending. So we’ve put together a Senior Dental Checklist for the New Year as a way to help you with your New Year’s resolutions.

    • Find a good dental plan. You may find yourself without dental coverage if you’re recently retired or have Medicare, which does not pay for routine dental appointments. Finding the right plan to help you cover your dental costs is important, like a discount dental plan, which has many benefits, such as saving you money and providing you with a list of trusted dentists.
    • Renew an existing plan. If you have a discount dental plan, don’t forget to renew your membership so you can continue receiving great discounts off your dental work.
    • Find a good dentist. Search in your area for a local dentist, read reviews online and try them out for yourself! If you’re not satisfied, continue searching. Having an agreeable dentist will make the whole experience more enjoyable.
    • Keep up routine appointments. Your dentist’s main goal should be helping you maintain and improve your oral health, so make sure you keep up with your regular dental appointments.
    • Plan Ahead. Look forward to what dental problems might become concerns in the coming year. If you aren’t sure, ask your dentist! Some common dental problems for seniors include:
        • Darkened teeth
        • Dry mouth
        • Root decay
        • Gum disease
        • Tooth loss
        • Uneven jaw bone
        • Diminished sense of taste

Here are some solutions for these problems.

    • Transportation. If you aren’t able to drive, ask a family member or close friend if they would be willing to take you.
    • Budget. As you go over your family budget for the year, don’t forget to include dental care costs!
    • Stock up. Going to the store can be a drag, especially if you’re going just to get another toothbrush or some floss. This year, make it easy on yourself and buy in bulk – that way you can just walk to your bathroom cabinet instead of driving all the way to the store.
    • If you have dentures, make sure they still fit properly. It isn’t uncommon for dentures to become ill-fitted. This can lead to pain in the gums and uncomfortable eating. It can become so inflictive that people stop wearing their dentures. The quickest solution is to get them fixed!

This New Year, as you renew plans and update accounts, be sure to go through this dental checklist for seniors. It will keep you prepared and thinking about how to practically move into the future.

What are some things you do every year for your dental care?

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