passport and money

Find out more about dental tourism and if it is really a beneficial option for you.

Dental Xray of Jaw

If your jaw seems to be slowly disappearing, you may not be imagining it. A discount dental plan may help with treatments to prevent or restore this structural issue. Facial…

Discount dental visits could do more than keep your teeth clean. They could also warn of a high-glycemic (high GI) carbohydrate diet, which could possibly lead to certain chronic diseases…

Orange Juice Could Erode Teeth

Your morning sip may not be as healthy as you once thought, according to a study by the Eastman Institute for Oral Health at the University of Rochester Medical Center….

Needle for Botox at the Dentist

A recent report from states that more and more dentists are administering botox and dermal filler injections in house. “Botox injections can be used for dental treatments such as…

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