Updated: 1/27/2020 You know that feeling – your heart flutters, your palms sweat, you can’t wipe that stupid smile off of your face. You’re just hoping for a gift this…

Valentines Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day Gifts That Won’t Rot Your Teeth

Updated: 1/27/2020

You know that feeling – your heart flutters, your palms sweat, you can’t wipe that stupid smile off of your face. You’re just hoping for a gift this Valentine’s Day.  Maybe a note, or a rose, or a box of chocolates–ding, ding, ding! That’s the one we want to talk about today: the candy side of Valentine’s Day, or to some, the cavity side.  In order to rescue your dental health, we’ve come up with a list of Valentine’s Day gifts that won’t rot your teeth.

For the Significant Other

  1. Non-Candy Presents. There are a number of things that are just as fun or thoughtful as candy, such as:
      • Fun Socks.  Everyone likes an extra pair or two of socks, right?
      • Jewelry/Watches. Personal, but still practical!
      • Pictures/picture frames. It’s always fun to keep memories close with a picture.
      • Tickets. Whether it’s to a sports game, musical or just a day at the spa – giving them something to look forward to is a win.
      • Flowers. Yes, traditional. No, not cliché.
      • Fruit or other healthy snacks. Especially if your significant other is trying to stay away from things that might harm their health, giving them healthy treats is a gift they will appreciate.
      • Gift cards. While this may not seem like the best gift to give your significant other, couple it with some flowers and they’re sure to appreciate it.
      • Chores around the house. Especially if your significant other is a parent, doing some of the chores they typically do on a daily basis can give them a break from the everyday grind of life.
      • Movie night basket. Get a basket or popcorn bucket and fill it with their favorite candy, popcorn and movies. It’s a gift and a date night—all in one!
  1. Night on the Town. Take your date out! Don’t be afraid to get creative – you’re sure to make fun memories!

For the Kiddos

It will bring a smile to your little one’s face and joy to their heart when they receive a present from you on Valentine’s Day. Here are some ideas…

      •  Photo by Cavalier92 / CC BY-NC-ND

        Photo by Cavalier92 / CC BY-NC-ND

        Fruit or a Healthy Snack.

      • Toys. Keep in mind things they have been asking for, or get them something you know they would like.
      • Have Fun! Make a pillow fort in the living room, watch one of their favorite movies or plan another fun activity.
      • An Extra Treat. Let them stay up a little later than usual, or have a (healthy) dessert.
      • Take a Trip! Let them pick a fun place to go for a day, like the zoo, aquarium or park!

There are tons of ways to enjoy the holiday – even without candy. Use some of our ideas, or create some of your own! Remember to have fun and be thoughtful – after all, Valentine’s Day is about appreciating your loved ones.

What are some creative things you plan to do this Valentine’s Day?

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