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Dental Access
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Care 500 Series
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1Dental Exclusive
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Which plan is right for you?
Our plan finder tool uses your location and the procedures you need to help select the plan with the best savings and selection of dentists.
No matter which plan you choose – you can’t lose.
Here’s what you get with all of our plans:

We want you to be in love with your plan. Not just satisfied. In love. Take up to 30 days to use your plan as much as you want. If you don’t love all the money you save at the dentist, we’ll give you a 100% refund for your plan. No questions asked. Even after you’ve used it – that’s crazy. 1Dental is a completely risk-free, guaranteed way to save on the dental care you need. The only way you lose is by walking away.

There are tens of thousands of participating dentists nationwide and the networks are always growing! Only dentists within each network have agreed to give savings.
When you call your dentist, rather than saying “1Dental,” ask if they take “Careington Care 500” or “Aetna Dental Access” (which they may refer to as “Aetna’s discount plan” or “Aetna’s savings plan”). If they ask what type of plan it is, call it a “dental savings plan” or “dental discount plan.”
You can use our dentist search engine to find a dentist near you.

You’re not alone when it comes to figuring out how to get the most out of your plan. We can help you find a dentist, switch dentists and even work with the dentist if there’s any confusion about the plan at your visit. Call us at 800-372-7615 and we would be glad to help!

Seriously. You can include anyone on your plan you are responsible for with no limits. Spouses, partners, or roommates. Children–including adult kids and grandkids. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.

1Dental is what dental insurance should be. Our discount plans are designed to be used as much as you want, with no limits on your use. Dentists have agreed to lower rates for members, so you pay a small fee to join and save big at every dental visit. No insurance claims to file and no hassles.

You can use your plan right away with your Member ID number which will be emailed to you. You will receive your card in the mail in about a week. Even before you receive your card in the mail, the dentist can call us to verify your membership.

With 1Dental, you save no matter how many times you see the dentist or how much your dental care needs cost. Our plans are designed to be used as often as you want on general dental care or at dental specialists. Typical dental insurance makes you meet a deductible to start saving or will only cover $1,000-$1,500 a year of the dental care you need.

Pre-existing conditions are included in your savings! We want you to get the most out of your plan. Insurance companies often have fine print about certain procedures they won’t cover (like the reason you’re getting a plan in the first place). With 1Dental, you will never overpay at the dentist.

Savings include braces for both children and adults — no age restrictions! Plus, save hundreds to thousands of dollars on cosmetic work like implants, whitening, veneers and bonding.

With EyeMed, 1Dental members save 20-40% on the retail price of eyewear and 15% on contact lenses at over 60,000 participating locations nationwide. Also included are discounts for laser vision correction, exams, lenses and add-ons.