How to Save the Most on Tooth Extractions with Your Plan

There are many reasons for a tooth extraction. You may need a tooth extraction if:

  • your mouth is too crowded
  • your tooth’s pulp is decaying
  • you have periodontal disease
  • your wisdom teeth are impacted (unable to push through the gums)
  • you’re getting ready to get dentures

The following pages will go into more detail on some different types of tooth extractions and reveal sample dental bills for each that you can use as a guide when you go in for your own tooth extraction. The prices in these bills were compiled using the average discount you would receive with the Careington Care 500 plan.

To maximize savings, see a qualified general dentist. However, listen to your dentist if he refers you to a specialist. Specialists have years of study in that particular area and you’ll still save with your plan at a specialist.

Need a tooth pulled?

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