Simple Tooth

Simple tooth extractions can be done by your general dentist (these are teeth that have erupted from the gums and can be extracted using forceps). Below is a sample bill you might receive from a general dentist using the Careington Care 500 Plan for your simple tooth extraction.

To see exact savings in your area at a general dentist, visit our fee schedule and enter your zip code

If you have more complex tooth extractions that are needed, your dentist may refer you to an oral surgeon (specialist). With 1Dental’s discount dental plans, you still receive savings at specialists (20% off their normal prices). The saving is less than what you would get at a general dentist but savings nonetheless. See a sample schedule below.

Note: You may not need dental x-rays at the specialist. Your dentist may be able to send them your x-rays, which will save you more money.

To see exact savings in your area at a general dentist, visit our fee schedule and enter your zip code

The number of teeth you have extracted may alter the sample tooth extraction bill listed above, but this gives you a general idea of what you might expect.

This individual needed two dental x-rays, local anesthesia for the extractions (which is typically included in the price of the extraction, but we included it here in case it is not) and the extractions themselves.

Full tooth x-rays (periapical x-rays) are the most common x-rays done before an extraction. This x-ray, unlike the bitewings x-ray done at your first-time dental visit, allows the dentist to examine the entire tooth, from the tip of the crown to the tip of the root. It offers a very precise image your dentist will need for the extraction.

The location of the teeth in question will determine how many x-rays you need. If you have two problem teeth right next to each other, only one dental x-ray will be needed. In this example, two x-rays were done because one of the teeth was on the upper jaw and the other was on the lower jaw.

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