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By Dr. Renu Saxena - Updated November 19, 2020

How Much Do Dentures Cost?

You never know when a major dental procedure will come your way. Maybe your child was involved in a contact sport where they lost a front tooth. Or perhaps you chipped a molar tooth and are having difficulty chewing. With most dental insurance plans, major services like crowns or oral surgery require waiting periods. But there are options, like a dental savings plan, that provide immediate savings.

Understanding your dental plan’s waiting period and the reasoning behind the wait can help prepare you for dental emergencies when you need immediate care. Below, we’ll cover what there is to know about dental plans with no waiting period, so you can get access to dental care should an emergency arise. For an in-depth overview of dental plans with no waiting period, read end-to-end. Or, you can use the links below to find an answer you’re looking for.

What Is No Waiting Period in Dental Insurance?

No Waiting Period

A dental insurance waiting period is a period of time in which a dental insurance company will not pay for certain dental procedures–anywhere from six to twelve months. Dental insurance companies use waiting periods so potential customers do not just buy dental insurance when they have a list of dental procedures they need done and then cancel after the procedures are complete.

Waiting periods also lessen dental insurance costs for the consumer. The longer the waiting period, the lower the dental insurance premium will be.

Dental insurance with no waiting period means that there is no waiting to receive savings on certain dental procedures covered under the dental plan. Dental insurance with no waiting period is often difficult to come by. With a 1Dental savings plan, you can access the care you need when you need it–without the stress of having to wait for your coverage to activate.

No waiting Perod

So, why would someone need a dental plan with no waiting period? As mentioned above, should you have a dental emergency arise–a toothache that requires a root canal and crown, for example–having a dental plan with no waiting period or a dental savings plan with no waiting will allow you to get the immediate treatment you need.

Where Can I Go If I Don’t Have Dental Insurance?

Dental procedures can be expensive, which is why many Americans may refrain from getting the dental care they need. One of the primary ways people get affordable dental care is through their insurance provider. But what happens when you don’t have dental insurance? This is a reality for roughly 74 million Americans, which means you may be wondering where you can go for a dental procedure if you’re uninsured.

Fortunately, there are a few options for getting the dental care you need without spending an exorbitant amount of money. Some options include:

  • Dental Savings Plans: These plans are a great option if you’re looking for dental care but don’t have dental insurance. At 1Dental, we offer a variety of dental plans to choose from that provide instant savings, unlimited use, and access to dentists nationwide. Dental savings plans differ from dental insurance in that you bypass the insurance company and get discounted rates directly at in-network dentists. They skip a lot of restrictions that insurances have (like maximums, deductibles, and yes, waiting periods), and usually cost around a third less to join.
  • Public Dental Clinics: Taxpayer-funded dental clinics are another option for receiving dental care without insurance. They are often run by local or state public health departments using federal grant money to offer low or sliding fee services.
  • Nonprofit Dental Clinics: Similar to public dental clinics, nonprofit dental clinics offer low or sliding fee services but receive a majority of their funding from donors. In most cases, you often need to be considered low income or have no access to healthcare to receive service from a nonprofit dental clinic. You can go to United Way’s website to find some of these nonprofit clinics.
  • Dental Schools: Dental students always need practice when they enter their final years of school. Many dental schools will offer reduced prices on dental procedures to the public to attract participants in exchange for a dentist-in-training to work on you. These procedures typically take longer because the student’s supervisor will most likely observe each step.

Don't Have Dental Insurance

If you don’t have insurance to cover dental care, don’t worry. There are plenty of places you can go to get treatment at affordable costs. At 1Dental, our dental savings plans can help you find a dentist without the lengthy wait times, mounds of paperwork, and high prices.

How to Get a Dental Plan Immediately

The best way to ensure you won’t have to wait should a dental emergency arise is by purchasing a plan you can use immediately. At 1Dental, we offer the best dental savings plans to choose from, such as the Careington Care 500 dental plan and Dental Access Plan (powered by the Aetna Dental Access network), or a combination of the two.

Immediate Dental Care Option –Care 500 Dental Plan

The Care 500 dental savings plan is an affordable membership program that offers its members significant discounts on dental procedures at in-network dentists. Unlike dental insurance, there are no premiums and no waiting–just a yearly (or monthly) membership fee and the discounted rate you pay for your dental procedures at the dentist.

Sign up for the Care 500 Discount Dental Plan and begin using the plan immediately. You can access your member information via the 1Dental mobile app or email at the point of sign up. Simply show your ID to one of the dentists in the Care 500 network, and they will honor the pre-negotiated discounted rates giving you 20-60% off your visit!

Dental Plans No Waiting

Dental Access Plan Powered by the Aetna Dental Access Network

1Dental’s Dental Access Plan powered by the Aetna Dental Access network can help you save on various procedures, from general dentistry to orthodontia.

Unlike the Care 500 dental plan, you can often save more at specialists, as well as find more dentists who accept this plan. In fact, there are over 226,000 available dental locations (as of September 2017, Aetna Enterprise Database) where members can save anywhere between 15% and 50% per visit with this plan.

Preferred Plan: Care 500 & Dental Access Networks Combined

You can get the best of both plans with our Preferred plan. If you want great savings at both general dentists and specialists, this plan may be right for you. Typically, the Care 500 dental plan saves you more on general dentists (20%-60% per visit), while the Dental Access plan saves you more on specialists (15%-50% per visit).

Additionally, with two plans together, you’ll have greater access to more dentists across the country, whether you live in a sprawling city or a rural town. With both plans, you can have peace of mind knowing you’ll be able to get care when you need it at an affordable rate.

Traditional Dental Insurance with No Waiting Period

Though dental insurance plans include waiting periods, there are certain procedures and treatments within dental insurance plans that are typically classified as no waiting period.

The procedures and treatments you can get with no waiting period go as follows:

Diagnostic and Preventive Dental Procedures

Keeping your teeth in good health can help prevent major dental procedures down the road, which is why diagnostic and preventive dental procedures are imperative. Common diagnostics and preventive dental procedures include:

  • Cleanings
  • Sealants
  • Fluoride treatments

While most insurance plans don’t include a waiting period for these procedures, they may restrict the number of times you can get these procedures each year, typically limiting you to one procedure every six months. However, with a dental savings plan, you can go to the dentist as often as you need without any limits, waiting periods, or exclusions.

Basic Dental Procedures

Basic dental procedures might also come without a waiting period, depending on your insurance plan. However, as you get into more complex procedures, such as extractions and fillings, you may have to wait. Some common basic dental procedures include:

  • Extractions
  • Periodontal Treatment
  • Fillings

Depending on your insurance plan, you might not have to wait to get a basic dental procedure done. However, with a dental savings plan with no waiting period, you’ll never have to wonder whether you’ll have to wait days, weeks, or months to get a procedure done.

Major Dental Procedures

Most major procedures have a 6 to 12 month waiting period with traditional insurance. This is often the case because of higher procedure costs or the need to see a specialist instead of just a general dentist. Major procedures can include:

  • Complicated extractions and surgery
  • Root Canals
  • Crowns
  • Implants

Dental Plans With No Waiting Period

Dental mishaps can happen in an instant, whether it’s a chipped tooth or a broken crown. Being able to get dental care without having to wait is essential. At 1Dental, we offer the best dental plans with no waiting period, including our Care 500 dental plan and Dental Access Network dental plan. With reduced rates on a plethora of dental procedures and a network of dentists nationwide, getting the dental care you need is made simple with 1Dental’s dental plans with no waiting.

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